Guest Post : Three Tips for Helping a Man Shop for Clothes

Whether it's your husband or boyfriend, brother, friend or even your dad, if you're a fashion conscious woman then at some point, you'll probably find yourself being asked for your opinion on a man's clothing. Sometimes, a man might even want you to help him shop, whether it's for a specific occasion like a wedding where he's got to dress differently from normal, or he just wants an extra eye to help him pick out some new stuff.

If you love to shop, then acting as a personal shopper to someone else can be a lot of fun, but when it's a man, it can be harder as you have to think about different things to when you are shopping for things you might wear yourself with other women, and dealing with dressing a body shape you are more used to working with! In many cases, guys like women they consider to have good taste to shop with them because they want to dress in a way women find appealing, though, so really what he wants is your opinion as a woman rather than as a stylist!

Here are three tips to make your shopping trip with a man a success!


I'm A Blogger And I Don't Get Freebies

People are constantly telling me how lucky I am because I get so many 'freebies'. I get free holidays, free clothes, free food, free toys, all the free stuff! This may come as a surprise to some, but I am a blogger and I don't get freebies. I am a blogger not a blagger.

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Improving Confidence and Getting Your Relationship Back On Track - Top Tips

A recent survey found that over half of women say that they want to feel more connected to their partner. Relationships can can be difficult at the best of times, even more so when you add a baby to the equation, you want to go to bed to sleep and not a lot else!

Improving Confidence and Getting Your Relationship Back On Track - couple holding hands in grassy field both wearing red


Am I Spoiling My One Year Old?

Since Aria was a newborn we've given into her. She cried, we gave her something, that is what you do with babies, their cry means that they want something. Aria has pretty much always been a good baby, only ever crying for a reason. We know that if she cries she needs food, drink or sleep. Until recently...

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Our decision to take our house off the market and why

Regular readers may remember that, a little while ago, we put our house up for sale. Those of you who don't follow me on social media may be wondering whether or not we sold our house as I've written absolutely no updates since that initial post. The reason being is that we have taken our house off the market.

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'Dear Mommy Blogger' - My Response To The Mummy Blogger Hate Campaign

Fellow bloggers have likely seen the letter to mommy bloggers, delightfully telling us that our blogs f**king suck. If you haven't seen it and you are intrigued click here. If instead you would prefer to read about why mommy bloggers don't suck carry on reading this.

The lovely letter is written by an ex mommy blogger, a very successful one from what I can see. This particular blogger made thousands of dollars a month, she also spent a lot of money on attending conferences and buying prizes, such as KitchenAids, to grow her audience. She has since realised the error of her ways and is now telling the rest of us that we need to quit NOW.

'Dear Mommy Blogger' - My Response To The Mummy Blogger Hate Campaign

My Sunday Photo #1

Inspired by Teddy Bears and Cardigans blog I have decided to join in with the popular #MySundayPhoto linky. Back in the day when I had time on my hands I would publish a week in photos post every Sunday, this post was always very popular and to this day I still miss compiling my photos and writing about the week that was.

The Folly Tower, Pontypool, Torfaen, South Wales

Review : John Fowler Platinum Lodge with Hot Tub - Sandy Meadows Lodge Park, Brean

We have recently come back from a week's holiday in Brean, we stayed in a lodge with a hot tub at the John Fowler Sandy Meadows park, the sister park of Sandy Glade. We booked this holiday last year after visiting my sister and her family when they were staying there, we liked the park and the price so much that we booked it there and then, taking advantage of the offer to book for 2016 and pay 2015 prices.

Review of the John Fowler Platinum Lodge with Hot Tub - Sandy Meadows Lodge Park, Brean


A Magical Food Tour at The Celtic Manor

I recently went along to The Celtic Manor to attend a foodie event, I'm referring to it as a 'magical food tour' as we got to trial three of the resorts restaurants in one evening and, of course, the food was magical. I've had Afternoon Tea at The Celtic Manor several times now but had yet to experience any of the resorts restaurants, until now. I went along with friend and fellow blogger Kerry, we couldn't wait to get stuck in!

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Guest Post : The Do’s and Don'ts of Fashion in Thirty-Something Mums

This is a collaborative guest post bought to you by Lauren Topor is a lifestyle writer based in the Southwest who spends her days writing about food and health, fashion, fitness and entertainment.

Everywhere you look the tabloids are full of pictures of celebs wearing styles that some would say are better suited to their teenage daughters. Women are living longer, looking younger longer and living a fast paced life like never before, so is there really anything wrong with dressing in fashions designed for models often half their age and sometimes half their size? Actually, maybe not! It all depends on the lady wearing the dress and how she feels in it. That’s the important thing and if you feel comfortable in your attire, it’s a time of anything goes. However, that being said, here are some do’s and don’ts of fashion for the thirty-something mum. 

A Look at What’s Trending
If you look at this year’s styles, the midi-length skirt has made a dramatic resurgence on the fashion scene. Sites like Axparis.com have a wide offering of the latest trends in dresses and skirts that come just below the knees and women in their thirties look absolutely stunning in this particular length. It’s short enough to show some leg but suitably long enough to be ‘classy’ for the lady who cares about her image.

Is Multi-Coloured Hair Acceptable?
Today you can see women (and men!) in multi-coloured hair and it has, to some extent, become acceptable. However, if you are a thirty-something professional woman as so many mums of today are, you may want to think twice about the image this portrays. Whilst being in your thirties could lend itself very well to bleaching out sections of your hair to be done in brilliant colours of the rainbow, this may not be a style that lends itself well to working in an office or as a sales rep for a large corporation where image is everything to their brand. The bottom line is that while it is totally acceptable for women and men of all ages to wear outlandish hairstyles, those styles need to be in keeping with their lifestyles.

Full-Figured Women Are Beautiful
One of the most recent trends in beauty has been a bent towards full-figured women. Look at all the most prized statues throughout the ages and you will see that the concept of a womanly figure was a curvaceous body in all the right places. Whether you are slim or thickset, there are clothes that can flatter your figure so you shouldn’t be afraid to highlight your body as it is. Today slim and heavier women are both seen as beautiful which makes it easier on thirty-something mums to find clothes they can wear to their advantage.
So in the end, it’s all about how you feel comfortable when leaving the house. It’s a day of ‘anything goes’ and some of the fashions of today are totally outlandish. Are you comfortable wearing those styles? Then by all means go for it. However, remember that as a working professional you have an image to uphold so dress accordingly. The fashion ‘do’s’ involve wearing what suits you and your comfort level. The ‘don’ts’ would be to remember that you will be judged by your cover, as any good book is, and you probably have a boss to answer to. If you are willing to face the music, by all means go wild. If not, dress a bit more conservatively. Simply put, those are the do’s and don’ts of fashion in the 21st Century.

*Collaborative Guest Post*