Day Out : The Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo at Symonds Yat

I decided to make the most of Spencer being off work on Bank Holiday Monday and plan a family day out. Spencer wanted to go to a garden centre to have a look at the fish (he is planning to buy a fish tank) and I decided to go to the Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo at the Wye Valley Visitor Centre. I hadn't ever been before so wasn't sure what to expect, but I thought that Aria may like to watch the pretty, colourful butterflies flying around.

Butterfly on flower at Wye Valley Butterfly Zoo


Slimming World Weekly Weigh In Results & Food Diary #6

Another week in which I have been dreading weigh in. I've had a few too many treats this past week including a post weigh in slice of cake at Wetherspoons last Wednesday, a meal out on Wednesday evening and yes, I had pudding, buffet food and birthday cake at a party on Sunday and (last but not least) cake and a latte while out on Monday.

As a result of all of this I was very shocked to weigh in today and find out that I had lost 1/2 a pound, I know it isn't a huge amount but I had expected a maintain, or even a gain. I guess the fact that I was good for the rest of the week worked in my favour. 

slimming world weekly weigh in header picture with books and text over

So, now that I've 'fessed up to that, here is what I've been eating this week.


DIY Baby Toy - Tummy Time Sensory Mat

Due to the fact that Aria hates tummy time I am always trying to come up with ideas to keep her entertained during tummy time so that she will enjoy it a little more. The latest attempt has so far been a huge success, I made a very simple sensory mat and Aria loves it. 

Tutorial for DIY tummy time sensory mat for babies

Carry on reading to find out how I made the sensory mat.


What My Baby Wore #5

Happy Bank Holiday Sunday! Despite not currently working I still get excited for Bank Holidays as it means that Spencer has time off work and that we can spend time together as a family. Today we are going to Aria's first ever party - look out for the outfit next week, it is a good one!

Talking of outfits, here is what she has been wearing the past week. As usual I have linked to the items where available and would love for you to leave your links in the linky at the end. 

pink baby clothes on washing line with text over #whatmybabywore with a slice of my life wales


Teething Essentials

Teething, it is a horrible time, seeing your baby in so much pain and not being able to do a lot for them. There are various products available that claim to ease the pain, we have put a few to the test now and have narrowed it down to just a few essentials. We use toys during the day and will sometimes resort to medication at night.

baby teething items scattered on table with text over 'teething essentials'


Aria's Six Month Update

Yesterday Aria turned six months, how has it been half a year already? On the flip side of it going so fast I also struggle to remember a time without her in our lives.

baby chewing six month milestone card


Slimming World Weekly Weigh In Results & Food Diary #5

I was very nervous about weighing this week. I have been feeling constantly full and bloated and I blame it on having a few naughty days, I had a takeaway twice, I am proud of myself for sticking to healthy options and making Slimming World chips to go with it, but I couldn't resist a slice of hubby's dirty pizza. I also went out for a naughty meal with friends on Sunday. My body hasn't been thanking me.

Due to the above I was very surprised to step onto the scales and discover that I had lost 1lbs, while not a massive loss I am very happy with that, that brings me to a total of 11.5lbs in just 5 weeks!

Slimming World Weekly Weigh in & food diary title picture books scattered around with heading text over


The Baby Blogger Top

I usually save Aria's outfit posts for a Sunday when I post the #WhatMyBabyWore linky, but I am seriously so excited about this top that I just had to show it off straight away. I shared a picture of it on Twitter before purchasing and a lot of people fell in love and proceeded to order their very own. 

baby sitting on sofa wearing pink corduroy trousers and a grey blogger top from Next


Review : Sock Ons - The Solution To Baby Socks That Won't Stay On

I'm sure that most parents are familiar with the struggle that is attempting to keep socks on a wriggly baby. You put socks on them, they kick and wiggle and the socks fall off, strangers in the street judge you and tell you that your babies feet are probably cold without socks on, you feel like punching them.

You'll be relieved to know that there is a solution for this problem, in the form of Sock Ons.

pink and white baby sock ons


What My Baby Wore #4

We went shopping last week which means that Aria has been rocking some fab new clothing, I get way more excited about new clothes for Aria then I do for myself, I walked straight past the women's clothing in every shop bar the Matalan Clearance shop, I'll only spend money on myself if it's cheap!

Whilst in River Island I spotted that they sell a baby top that is almost identical to a top that I wear all the time from New Look, I couldn't resist buying it for Aria and dressing us in our matching clothes!

baby clothes on washing line faded with text over #WhatMyBabyWore

As usual I have linked to the items where available and would love for you to add your posts to the linky at the end.