#Vlogstars : The TMI Tag

I've decided to join in with Vlogstars this month, for those of you who haven't heard of vlogstars it is a monthly vlogging linky hosted by Mr & Mrs T Plus Three and You Baby Me Mummy. I'm really getting into YouTube and thought that the TMI tag would be a great, fun video to film.

#vlogstars the TMI tag header image


Giveaway : Win A Tommee Tippee Ultra Feeding Bottle

Tommee Tippee have recently launched their Ultra Games contest, running for two weeks from 8th - 21st August, it is the ultimate sporting event on the baby calendar. Lucky babies from all over the nation are able to compete to be crowned a Tommee Tippee Ultra Athlete. To celebrate the Ultra Games I am going to be giving away an Ultra Feeding Bottle to one lucky reader.

blog competition to win a tommee tippee ultra feeding bottle


Last Week You Turned Three, Last Week You Didn't Come Home

Bob, last week was your third birthday. That morning you didn't come home, which was very strange and very unlike you. We went off to work and hoped that you were having too much fun to come home for food and would be back home eagerly waiting for us when we finished work. We returned from work and you still weren't there.

Bob fluffy tabby cat


Travel : Family Fun in Brean

Back in May we spent a week as a family of three in the John Fowler Sandy Meadows Park, Brean. Aria found caravan life quite boring which meant that we had to pack the days full of as much fun for a one year old as possible.

Family fun in Brean - family photo at Brean Down


Just Us Box - Review & Unboxing Video*

Just Us Box* is a new monthly subscription box for couples, each month subscribers will receive a box jam packed full of everything that you need for the perfect date. The idea behind this is that you disconnect from your screens and enjoy the perfect date, with little but no preparation on your part as Just Us Box does it all for you.

Just Us Box stargazing theme review & unboxing video blog


A Family Meal at Wagamama, Cardiff*

I went along to Wagamama in Cardiff with my sister almost a year ago and we really enjoyed it. Recently we were invited back to review it as a family*, we knew it would be a challenge as Aria was teething and refusing to eat and drink, but we went along in the hope that a few hours out of the house would cheer little Madam A up.

A family meal at Wagamama Cardiff - header photo of baby sat in high chair with Wagamama menu on her head


Blogging Income & Stats July 2016

As I mentioned in last month's blog income report I have decided to be a little more flexible with the sponsored work that I will accept, things have quietened down around here and even though I don't earn a massive amount I do rely on the extra income that I get from blogging.

blogging income & stats report July 2016 - header image - flowers over keyboard with writing on keys


Keeping Your Home Safe While Enjoying Your Holiday

If you've got a holiday planned this year you will want to ensure that you have plans in place for keeping your home safe and burglary free while you are away, after all, you want to be able to relax and enjoy your holiday, not worry about what may or may not be happening back at your empty home.

hands forming heart around red toy house - Keeping Your Home Safe While Enjoying Your Holiday blog post with top tiops


No.. My 17 Month Old Isn't Behind - Marketing Emails Stop Telling Me She Is!

You may recall a few months ago I wrote a blog post asking if my baby was slow, I'd got carried away in the perfect world of social media and marketing emails. Marketing emails like the one below, telling me what my child is doing now, all just assuming that at this age they must be walking, talking, etc. Parents proudly sharing their babies first steps and conversations, and rightly so, I have absolutely nothing against parents sharing these things, I will myself, but I couldn't help watch them and wonder if my baby was slow.

No... My 17 month old isn't behind - Marketing Emails Stop Telling Me So!

"Your toddler’s mobility has increased dramatically over the last few months; now she can walk unaided and can probably squat down to examine something on the floor and then stand back up again and move on without any help."   :-Email from Emma's Dairy. 


July 2016 UK Degustabox Unboxing Video

I absolutely loved my Degustabox* last month so was super excited to find out that we will now be receiving a box to review each month. If you've not heard of Degustabox before they are basically the food equivalent to the popular beauty box. You register on the site filling in a short profile and you receive a box of 10-15 surprise foodie treats each month, with no commitment necessary. Today I will be showing you the products that I received in my July box and the approximate value of the products combined, along with a very generous £7 discount code!