Mamma Style with JD Williams*

*Disclosure : all items of clothing from JD Williams were gifted in exchange for an honest feature - all thoughts are my own*

I've always liked wearing comfy clothes, way before I became a mam my main priority was comfort, I'm a firm believer that comfort is key to a nice outfit. Now that I am a mam this has become even more important. Despite wanting to look nice I also need an outfit that doesn't restrict.

mamma style with JD williams - autumnal fashion post for a busy mother of a toddler - dress and leggings with brown boots - comfy clothing that doesn't restrict


Understanding the Feelings that Come with Donor Egg Usage*

*Sponsored Guest Post*

Author Bio : Heidi Hayes is the CEO of Donor Egg Bank USA. She has more than 20 years of healthcare experience and has worked extensively in the field of reproductive endocrinology. Having been unsuccessful at traditional IUI and IVF treatments, Heidi personally understands the struggles of infertility. After many years of trying to conceive, she ultimately built her family through adoption and donor egg treatment. She always believed that if she didn't give up, her ultimate goal of becoming a parent would someday become a reality.

Heidi Hayes is the CEO of Donor Egg Bank USA. She has more than 20 years of healthcare experience and has worked extensively in the field of reproductive endocrinology. She is sharing her experiences in this guest post entitled understanding the feelings that come with donor egg usage

Giveaway : WOW Toys Advent Calendar

The lovely people at WOW Toys have provided me with an advent calendar to giveaway to one of my lucky readers. Their toy advent calendars come in a choice of three - the Farmyard Advent Calendar, the Town Advent Calendar and the Wonderland Advent Calendar. Each of which contains a fantastic 24 toys hiding behind individual doors to be opened each day in the run up to Christmas Day.

blog giveaway to win a toy advent calendar from WOW toys - advent calendar of your choice with 24 toys - one each day in the run up to Christmas


Meet The Welsh Bloggers - Mummy Wales

It is Monday again which can only mean one thing, it's time to introduce you to another fabulous Welsh blogger! This week is all about Nicola who blogs over at Mummy Wales. Nicola was born and bred in North Wales, but now resides in South East England. She blogs about things that make her laugh, both in the mummy and the outside world, you will also find occasional rants and lovey posts.

meet the welsh bloggers series with a slice of my life wales - nicola from mummy wales


Guest Post : This Mum Business - Parenting Style

Today I've got a guest post for you, written by Jodie who blogs over at This Mum Business. Jodie covers a wide variety of subjects on her blog, including parenting, business and life as a mum raising a little girl with a Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Jodie from This Mum Business guest posting on A Slice of My Life Wales about her parenting style


A Family Meal at Strada, Cardiff*

*Disclosure - We received a complimentary meal at Strada in exchange for coverage - all thoughts are my own*

We were recently invited along to Strada in Cardiff Bay for a family meal for an introduction to their fresh meals, which includes homemade foods and local produce. Strada is an Italian restaurant and serves a wide range of foods including pizzas, pastas, burgers and more.

a review of a three course meal at strada in cardiff bay as a family including a toddler


Meet The Welsh Bloggers - First Time Valleys Mam

The next up in my 'Meet the Welsh Bloggers' series has fast become a good friend of mine, despite the fact that I've not yet met her! Jo of First Time Valley Mam is in my close support network of local blogging mam's and she is fantastic. Jo writes about her life raising her autistic son in the South Wales Valleys.

meet the welsh bloggers blog series highlighting talented bloggers in wales this week is Jo of First Time Valleys Mam who blogs about her life in the South Wales Valleys with her autistic son


Ditching The Pink with me&i* - Toddler Style

*Disclosure - all items of clothing from me&i were sent to us in exchange for coverage - all thoughts are my own*

Ever since Aria was born she has been dressed in a lot of pink, pretty pink dresses for a pretty little girl. Now that she is that little bit older I have decided to ditch the pink. Well, I won't be completely ditching the pink, I'm not really into all that feminist girls shouldn't wear pink and boys shouldn't wear blue stuff, but I do want Aria's personality to shine through her outfits, she is more than just a pretty little girl in pretty pink dresses.

we've decided to start dressing our toddler in more colourful clothes than pink, clothes that show off her personality not just a pretty little girl in pink clothing - this is a review of clothing from me&i, colourful and fun eye catching clothing for toddlers


Homeware Haul : September/October 2016

I've seen a lot of gorgeous homeware pieces pop up lately and I haven't been able to resist purchasing a few bits here and there. A lot of shops really seem to have uppped their homeware game lately, even shops that I wouldn't usually consider visiting for homeware such as New Look are stocking gorgeous little pieces at the moment.

UK Homeware Haul September and October 2016 including a glitter wall unicorn from Home Bargains


Review & Giveaway : JORD Watches*

*Disclosure - This post is sponsored by JORD watches, as always, all opinions are my own*

If you're looking for a unique watch look no further than JORD, they stock a wide range of beautiful wooden women's watches and men's watches. So beautiful that when they contacted me asking if I would like to collaborate with them I jumped at the chance.

review and giveaway with JORD umique luxury wooden watches for women and men