Guest Post : Finding My Place As A Mum

I'm probably enjoying myself in the hot tub outside of my lodge right now, which means that you lucky people get another guest post!

Today's post is by Nat from Handful of Halfpennys. Nat is from North Wales and has four children under five, two of which are twins. She can usually be found blogging about Food, fashion, days out, bedtimes, tantrums, guilt, schooling and shopping.

Today she is talking about parenting styles, from gentle parenting to just being an honest mum.


Guest Post : Finding Your Friend Soulmate

As you probably know I'm off enjoying myself on holiday this week, but fear not, I have some amazing guest posts lined up for you, in fact my blog will probably be a lot more interesting this week without me around!

The first of my guest posts is by Beth from Twinderlmo, Beth is a married mother of identical twin daughters who blogs about life at a SAHM, home, interiors, Slimming World and more.

friend soulmates have you found yours? Bride and childhood friend as bridesmaid


The Diana Instant Camera From Uncommon Goods

Photography is something that I have always loved, back when I was a teenager before the days of smart phones, and even digital cameras, I would always have a disposable camera. I miss the days of just snapping away with no idea how the photo would turn out. Waiting to collect the photos seemed to take forever. When I stumbled across the Diana Instant Camera* on the Uncommon Goods website I couldn't resist it. All the joy of not knowing what the photo would turn out like but the relief of finding within seconds, I was sold!

Blog header photo diana instant camera from Uncommon goods flat lay of retro camera with polaroid photos and plant


Travel : Butlin's Just For Tots Break

As part of our role as Butlin's Ambassadors we went along to Minehead for a Just For Tots break* in April. The Just For Tots breaks take place Monday - Friday during term time, the idea being that the older children are in school making this the perfect time to take your tot away with entertainment tailored to them and no worrying about them being pushed around or trodden on by older children. I've already reviewed our accommodation in the stunning West Lakes Chalet Village, in this post I am going to be talking about the entertainment and the food.

Blog review of Butlin's Just For Tots break at Minehead - baby sat in giant green and white striped butlins deck chair


Review : Monstrously Healthy Children's Food From Bear

We're always looking for healthy snacks for Aria, she has three meals a day but some days she just wants more, or needs something to tide her over while she is impatiently waiting for her food to cook. We're also always looking for ways to sneak fruit and veg into Aria's diet as she isn't much of a fan. When we were asked if we would like to trial some healthy snacks from Bear* we couldn't resist!

Blog Review of Monstrously Healthy Children's Food From Bear - a selection of healthy bear foods including snacks and sweets and cereal


Review & Giveaway : CaseApp

I had an LG G3 for a little while, one of the things that I hated about it (amongst many may I add) was that finding personalised cases to fit it wasn't an easy task. I missed Apple (and phone covers) so much that when I saw a friend selling an iPhone 4s I snapped it up, it will do for a few months until I can upgrade later this year. Obviously the first thing I did once I had the phone was order a personalised phone case*.

Review & Giveaway : Customised Phone Case from Case App - InstaFamous colourful hipster phone case with photo


Review : The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction

Back at the end of last year we went on a cottage holiday in the Lake District, while we were there we decided to take a boat over to Bowness-on-Windermere and visit The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction, Aria was a little too young to appreciate it to it's full extent but us adults were fascinated by it.

blog review and photos the world of beatrix potter attraction rockery in beatrix potter garden


Baby Girl Party Outfits : My Picks

Aria has a better social life than me. This month alone she has three parties to attend. I currently only have one party dress for her which just won't do, she can't be seen in the same social circles wearing the same dress all the time now can she? She has an amazing casual wardrobe (better than mine) but her ever increasing popularity means that I really need to work on the party wardrobe.

I've picked some of my favourite party dresses from Matalan, Next and Esprit, all available in Aria's current size 6-9 months.

baby girl party dresses wishlist all fit size 6-9 months


Review : West Lakes Chalets at Minehead Butlins

Earlier this year we were thrilled to be selected as Just For Tots Ambassadors for Butlin's, the result of which was our Monday - Friday break at Minehead Butlin's a few weeks ago. We stayed in the new West Lakes Village in a chalet* so beautiful that it deserves a blog post all of it's own.

blog review of West Lakes Chalets at Butlins Minehead


Review : Make My Day Bib

Aria is such a messy eater, which isn't helped by the fact that we give her foods like Spaghetti Bolognese to eat by herself with her hands. Her clothes and bibs constantly have an orange tint to them where the food stains will just not budge. We've bought plastic bibs before but we've found them to be stiff which annoys Aria, they also crack over time plus they aren't very pretty.

review make my day bib  blog header photo blue silicone sheriff bib with crumb catcher