Restaurant Review : Slug and Lettuce, Cardiff

1985 was a great year, I was born and so was restaurant and bar chain Slug and Lettuce who celebrated their 30th birthday last month. As part of their celebrations we were invited along to the Cardiff branch last week for a delicious two course meal.

Slug and Lettuce Cardiff interior grey and pink glamorous



14 Tips On How To Keep Your Baby Cool During The Heatwave

I'm sure I'm not alone in worrying about my baby overheating during this heatwave that we are currently experiencing. There are massive risks associated with babies overheating so us parents can't help but worry. Read on for 14 great tips on keeping your baby cool.


Two Cats & A Baby - Four Months On

Despite Kitty & Bob both being very well behaved and placid cats we couldn't help but worry about how they would react when we introduced a baby into our home. Now that they have all lived together for four months I feel it is time to write about how they are getting along.

cat and baby lying on bed together


How We Sterilise & Make Up Aria's Bottles When In The House and Out & About

Sterilising and making up babies bottles can be such an overwhelming subject when you start out, so many people give you conflicting advice on what you should and shouldn't do which can lead to a great deal of confusion. We are now in a routine with our bottles so I thought I would share what we do, both in the house and when out and about.

our bottle routine, washed bottles in the microwave steriliser


Weekly Meals #2

I've had another week of delicious, home cooked meals. I cooked quite a lot of Slimming World recipes this week, even the ones that aren't Slimming World are pretty healthy.

Garlic & Herb Boursin topped Chicken with Roasted Leeks & Courgette
 Garlic & Herb Boursin topped Chicken with Roasted Leeks & Courgette


Day Out : Weston Super Mare Sand Sculptures Festival

When we saw a deal for the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival on Living Social we couldn't resist buying a voucher, priced at £6 for entry for two and a hot drink each there was no reason not to! 

gorilla sand sculpture at weston sand festival 2015



Children's Book Review : Peas in a Pod and Don't Think About Purple Elephants

Don't Think About Purple Elephants by Susan Whelan is a book written to help anxious children. Peas in a Pod by Tania McCartney and Tina Sterling celebrates the importance of individuality. 

Two children's books - don't think about purple elephants and peas in a pod


Race For Life 2015 : The Results

On Father's Day Aria and I headed to Cwmbran to take part in the 5K Race for Life*, as well as running the Race for Life you can jog, walk, do it in a wheelchair, take a pushchair or even a dog. My friend and I got the babies all dressed up and took them along in the pushchairs. 

Mother and baby daughter dressed for Race for LIfe mother wears pink race for life t-shirt and baby wears pink tutu, pink bow headband and white and pink vest


My Baby Changing Bag Essentials

As a mum I can't leave the house without certain items for Aria, some very important and some not so much. I keep a changing bag stocked with all of the important items and hook this onto the back of the pushchair when out and about. Read on to discover my absolute essential items.

baby changing bag essentials


Making the Most of Maternity Leave - It Isn't As Easy As It Looks

People keep commenting on the fact that I am making the most of my maternity leave by getting out and having fun, they are right, I am, and it is great. People also comment on how I make this having a baby business look easy, what they don't realise is that it isn't all that easy, but you just have to get on with it. I could quite happily opt for the easy life and not go out on my own with Aria, but it wouldn't be fair on her, or me in the long run.

baby in pushchair on bus baby in Kangawrap
Aria's first bus journey || Aria's first walk in her wrap.