Chocolate and dresses :)

Hi all, I hope everyone is having a good Monday so far, personally I'm just glad that the worse working day of the week is over.

Yesterday I made Bread & Butter pudding but with chocolate instead of fruit because, well, chocolate is nicer than fruit, simples! I followed a recipe from Domestic Sluttery but simply swapped the fruit parts to slabs of plain cooking chocolate. View their recipe for sluttishly easy bread and butter pudding here. I wasn't sure if I even liked bread and butter pudding but had loads of left over bread that would of been thrown out so decided to make something with it, I was very pleased with the results, heavenly stodge!!

Heaven :)

I also decide to try the new Nescafe Double Choca Mocha today - wow!! If like me you love chocolate and you love coffee this is a must buy! I bought it from Iceland. It is really easy, just do as it says add boiling water into a mug with the sachet. Unlike most other hot drinks like this it doesn't go lumpy, it just goes lovely and bubbly. It comes in really cute packaging too :)

I think this may become my new addiction!! At 96 calories a mug its not the best addiction I could have stumbled across but who cares, I deserve treats!!

A very tempting email from boohoo.com landed in my inbox this morning. Entire outfits for £40 + a free handbag when you spend over £40!!

This is my fave £40 outfit...

I couldn't save the picture on the email but on that picture the model was wearing white ankle socks with this outfit, I love that look! I'm not sure I could actually pull it off as I have short fat legs but I may try it one day, it may surprise me!

While browsing on their website I also fell in love with this ring
£5 boohoo.com

Boohoo are also running a competition to win an outfit, via their facebook page.

Good luck to all who enter :)


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