Hair through the years, Frugal Fail & Bargain Wishlist

Hi all

People often comment on the fact that they can't keep up with me as I'm always changing my hair style & colour. At the moment I am almost back to my natural colour and am at a messy growing out of a short do stage. I'm just going to leave it grow long and natural now so that it is nice for my Wedding in November 2012, so hopefully people will be able to keep track of who I am now!

Anyway this inspired me to go back through my old photos and have a look at all my different dos, so I thought I would share!! These photos contains various dodgy dos, dodgy poses & dodgy outfits - BEWARE!!!






I can now see why people quite often don't recognise me!! I personally prefer myself with the blonde wavy do but can't afford to keep the blonde up, plus I probably prefer it because I'm younger there! I think 2009 was my craziest! I went from blonde, to red, from long to short and different lengths on each side!

Frugal Fail 
As many of you know I am one of the many bloggers taking part in Frugal February. Unfortunately I have been a little naughty and proven that I really am a shopaholic and just cannot resist a bargain whatever the circumstances!! The first fail is this lovely pashmina from the blog sale over at Crown and Glory, I fell in love with it so had to buy it for £5, I knew if I waited until Mach it would be gone!!

My second fail was this bargain coat from New Look in colour Green Envy. Reduced from £45 to £20, I couldn't leave it there for that! I bought it in a size 12 which is a bit tight on the tops of my arms, so its my thinspiration for next year!!
While in New Look I also picked up these lovely Daisy Stack Rings

£3.99, New Look

I did tell my sister not to drag me into New Look as I would fail!!

Believe it or not I did actually resist quite a few of the bargains that I came across in my lunchtime browse! The following are worth checking out...

Daisy Double Ring £3.99 New Look
Swallow Double Ring £4.99 New Look
Bling Pearly Ring Stack £3.99 New Look
Ladies Pixie Pearl Necklace Set £6 Peacocks
Ladies Chunky Flower Bracelet £6 Peacocks
Ladies Charmed Bracelet £5 Peacocks
Ladies Multi Cherry Pack Earings £3.50 Peacocks
Ladies Promenade Earings £3.50 Peacocks
I can't decide whether I like these ones or not
Ladies Heart Drop Earings £3.50 Peacocks

Coming up....
I thought I'd let you all know in advance that I am planning on having a clear out of my shoes soon, possibly some time this week or the weekend. I have a big black bag full and I'm not sure what is even in there so it is time to get rid! Before giving them away to a charity shop I will post pictures of any that I don't want on here. If anyone wants them they can have them for free, just pay me a small amount for P&P and they are yours! So keep your eyes peeled! The majority of them will be a size 4 but there may also be some size 3 & 5s in amongst them. Like I said I'm not even sure what is in this bag so they might not be decent, time will reveal all!!!

Enjoy the rest of your evening ladies and speak soon :)



  1. looking forward to whats to come hun! xxx

  2. Glad to hear it :) Will hopefully be on by this weekend at the latest xx


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