Love Suzie Jewellery

I received my first order from Love Suzie yesterday, very quickly too :)

pretty packaging :)

more pretty packaging

and more pretty packaging

I ordered Time for Tea, Errol and a Anyone for Scrabble?, I am very pleased with all of my goodies and would recommend Love Suzie to anyone looking for quirky, reasonably priced jewellery.

Errol £6.99 Anyone For Scrabble? £2.99 Time For Tea £11.99

I wore my Time For Tea necklace and Anyone For Scrabble? ring yesterday. I had quite a few comments on the necklace.

Big thanks to Love Suzie for my fantastic purchase :)


  1. Aw i love 'Love Suzie Jewellery'. Helen always packs everything so nicely and the service is brill. Errol is SO cute! x

  2. I've been debating ordering from there for ages and am now so glad I did :) Actually no I'm not, as I'm going to want to spend loads of money on there now I know how fab it is lol.
    Thanks to you and your discount code too :) xx


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