Saturday Night Dance I Like the Way You Move....

My favourite day of the week has been and gone, Saturdays, I love them, especially when the 6 Nations are on :)

I spent my Saturday doing a spot of shopping, Primark again, and then I went to my niece's 2nd birthday party, we had a few cans, as you do, and ended up staying long after Gracie had gone to bed. My sister has been talking about Mad Dog since it has been on but I haven't watched it, they still had it on their Sky planner so we caught up on that, will have to remember to watch it from now on!

This is what I bought in my mini Primark haul, I was very pleased with myself as this is a such tame haul!

I love this ring :)

I then headed on over to Gracie's birthday party :) This is what I wore...
Dress, Cardigan & Leggings all Primark

Belt, Peacocks

Scarf, Crown and Glory Blog Sale

Bag, Peacocks

Love Suzie


Love Suzie



Gracie's new boots, too cute!

I hope everyone else had a fab Saturday and isn't suffering too much today :)

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