I received my gift and ambassador pack from Eyeko this morning as I made my first sale :)

This is what I received:

The free gift they sent me was Portabello lip gloss. Its an almost nude colour with gold bits in it. Its a lovely 'day' lip gloss for me and I think will be using it often.

The smell is AMAZING! I wanted to lick it off my lips but resisted! I know for some people a strong scent is off putting in lip gloss but this smell is lovely, I wouldn't be put off by it.

The packaging is really cute! It is from Eyeko's London range so there are some iconic London images on the tube.

This is a limited edition gloss so if you're interested in trying it snap it up soon! You can buy it from Eyeko here for £6.50 for 13.5g.

Don't forget to quote my code E14173 if you buy anything from Eyeko. This will get you a free gift if you spend over £15, after receiving this lovely gloss as my free gift I can really recommend this! I'll also get 15% commission on any orders, which doesn't really mean anything as if I get less than £5 in one month it just gets written off :(


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