Haul - mainly Peacocks, some Range

This week I had my Peacocks friends & family 40% discount, my cousin works there and every three months gets discount vouchers. I tend to go crazy when I get this discount, I think I'm on supermarket sweep haha! This is what I bought...

kept these

returned these

kept these

kept the dress returned the cardigan
This is two separate shopping trips. The first trip came to £130, but with the discount I paid £78! I then returned the two dresses, trousers and the blue cardigan and bought the blue dress and items pictured with it, along with a coat for Spencer and I had £5.10 put back on my card - love this discount! Seriously if you don't know anyone who works in Peacocks then be-friend someone - it is worth it!

I then went to The Range yesterday and picked these up...

I used the French Vanilla oil last night and it is bloody lovely! Still smell it now! Can't wait to try the others out.


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  1. I have all of those dresses!! hahah I had 40% off this week too :) I bought a few of them a while ago for full price though, so annoying x


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