OOTD 26 March 2011

Hi, hope you're all having a fab weekend so far.

The sun has had his hat on all week, then typically, when I'm not in work, he changes his sun visor for his wooly hat & scarf, it was so much colder today and not very sunny at all! We didn't let it stop us though, we still had a BBQ! Stuck our warm cardies on and away we went! It was lovely too! I figured I'd still wear a kinda summary outfit too, photos below :

all photos can be enlarged by clicking

Bracelets, dress & daps, Peacocks
Double Flower ring, Primark
Single Flower ring, necklace & heart earings Temporary Secretary 
Hair clip, New Look (part of set) 
Belt, Asda (I think, it is quite old!)
I'm still getting used to using my new tripod so here is one of many bloopers. I chopped my head off and Kitty wanted to show you all her OOTD, black and white fur today!!

Please ignore my awful poses and facial expressions, I'm still getting used to this whole posing business!

I'm now going to chill with my big bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk and some Dr Pepper, cause I'm cool like tha'!!



  1. You look lovely and summery...and kitty looks very cute too - she rocks the monochrome look really well :)

  2. Thanks :) Its nice to be able to wear summery clothes - can't wait to get the sandals out though!
    And Kitty certainly does rock it! Pity she isn't showing her collar here, she isn't used to the posing either! x

  3. awwwwe your cat is such an attention seeker ;)
    love the photos!
    cuuute dress xxx


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