Week in Photos #3

I've had a busy week this week so have plenty of pictures to share with you all :) Annoyingly I'm still forgetting to snap certain things, I'm sure it'll stick with me eventually! So, this is my week:

all pictures can be enlarged by clicking 

delicious chocolate tarts, so easy to make!

the local butchers have a noodle bar, it is AMAZING!

we sat in a pretty park and ate our lunch

grumpy Spencer!

Spencer isn't the best photographer ever!

addicted to veg sushi lately

I found some random old photos of me when googling myself!

we had a dress down day Friday in work an had to wear something red for Comic Relief. I don't own any red clothes so painted my nails red & wore red accessories. We went to the pub after work, this is where we are here!

the lush new lemon drizzle doughnuts from Greggs

I finally made a decent poached egg!

The daffodils are no longer half price in Tesco, which meant I was able to buy some before they sold out!

we've been making loads of minor improvements in the house and I now have a washing line!

apparently the moon was huge last night, I think it looks pretty normal though :-/

watched this last night for the first time! I've read the book previously and thought that was sad! The tears wouldn't stop with the film! It is a must see but expect tears!
been mostly listening to Adele's 19
I annoyingly put a bit of weight on this week but have still lost overall
Happy birthday to my dad (17th March) and mam (20 March) - expensive week! We bought my mam X Factor tickets but my sister is in Scotland at the moment so we're waiting for her to come back to give them from both of us - can't wait to see her face!
I hope everyone has had a fab week and has been enjoying the glorious weather!



  1. Mmm the food looks yummy!

    The Notebook is the saddest film ever!


  2. All of it was very nice, probably explains the weight gain though!

    The Notebook was incredibly sad, but such a good film, I love a good tear jerker! x

  3. Ooh it was my Dad's bday today too and my cousin's was on the 17th :P Great pics, I love these posts. I didn't even see a moon last night :( x

  4. Happy birthday to your dad!! The moon was actually really massive, and Soooo bright!! AmAzing view!

  5. Too many birthdays in March! Mine next month though so that makes up for it :)
    Thanks girls :)


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