30 Day Challenge, No.10

10 – Your dream wedding. 

This is an interesting one because I am planning my wedding at the moment! I have spent years planning the perfect wedding, but I have come to realise that the only thing that makes a wedding perfect is the people. We looked at some fab venues but the prices you pay for them meant that we wouldn't be able to invite many people. In the end we came across the fantastic deals that the Holiday Inn are running and we've booked in there, its not a lot cheaper than other places but they provide a lot more than other places, even a five course meal! The hotel rooms are also very cheap which means that a lot of the guests will be able to stay over night and we can have a nice breakfast together the next day. 

When I was younger every time we travelled down the motorway and went past Castle Coch, or the fairy tale castle as I knew it then, I said that was where I was going to get married, now I've realised that in reality its a lovely venue but the numbers are really limited and it is a bit OTT.
what you see from the motorway
up close
These are the more 'desirable' venues that we considered and viewed:
Llanstanfraed Court
Maes Manor
Cwrt Bledyn
This is where we booked : 

Holiday Inn
So as you can see, for me the perfect wedding isn't all about the venue. For me the perfect wedding is what takes places and the people involved. Me and the bridal party are having a meal on the Friday and staying overnight at the venue, loads of friends and family will arrive on the Saturday to arrival drinks and canapes followed by a five course meal, party, my cousins' band playing some good tunes and a good old dance!! Oh and somewhere in between all of that we'll be getting married!

there'll be plenty of this!
What would your dream wedding involve? Do you think that the venue is the most important factor?


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