Another Primark Haul

Hi all, I hope you're enjoying another lovely long weekend, I certainly am! I went out straight from work with a few colleagues on Thursday, annoyingly I ended up going home early as I had a migraine, must go see the Doc for a change of pill! Friday I went into the village for a street party, it was fab! The wedding was also obviously fab! I went shopping with the girls today to spend the rest of my birthday vouchers, here is what I bought:

my feet are getting old, not me, just my feet, and I can no longer wear high heels. I thought this £12 pair of shoes would be ideal for my old feet!

I've been after this necklace for a while after seeing it on Kirsti's blog, to my joy they finally had it in Cwmbran today

love these bangles

I get tempted by these every time I see them at the till, today I caved!
I'm glad I caved, they are amazing! The cherry is my personal fave, the scent is spot on! Even though it looks tinted it comes out clear

Tomorrow the girls and I are off into Cardiff for my sister's birthday night out - can't wait!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)



  1. Yay! You got the feather necklace :)


  2. The shoes look so pretty!And the balms are amazing!
    I love the necklace as well; lovely haul dear!

  3. I did and I love it! I was so chuffed when I saw it there!
    The shoes are pretty and seem very comfortable, fingers crossed that they stay comfortable after wearing them all night!

  4. Gorgeous shoes :)
    I love the cherry lipsmacker, it is my fave drink so having it on my lips all the time is amazing xx

  5. LOVE those shoes, the lip smackers are gorg! I have the Sprite one x


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