Blog Challenge Day No. 11

11 – A photo of the item you last purchased.

I don't have a photo of the last items I purchased as they haven't yet arrived, my last purchase was from ebay so I have just taken the pictures from the sellers page to show you all. I can't wait to receive these goodies! The lovely Rachel over at Band of Blushers recommended this ebayer so I thought I'd go check it out! They have loads of fab items which are all very cheap! I ordered the five piece nail art tool - dotting/painting/marbelising pen along with the fifteen concealer camouflage palette - I am so excited about receiving both of these! I think it cost me something like £5 for both items - steal! I will be sure to do a review when I receive them, although this may take a while as they are coming from Hong Kong (I think!)

What have you all been buying lately? I also received some Sleek Palettes that I bought from this blog sale - they are fab and I will be doing some swatches soon!!

On a later note - Friday tomorrow - woohoo!!!



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