An interview with Erran

I received a lovely email from Erran today telling me that she really likes my blog and would like to do an interview with me. I've never done an interview on here before so was really pleased to be asked and got straight back to her! If you want to read my interview you can do so here. While you're there check out the rest of Erran's blog. As the name, Hair, Make-up and Style, suggests she blogs about various things, she is also taking part in the 30 day challenge, which I am due to finish tomorrow! So, if you want to know more about me and/or discover a new blog to read go check it out :)

I also asked Erran if she would like to send me the replies to the same questions as it is a lovely way of finding out more about the person whose blog you read. Here are Erran's answers:

1) Introduce yourself and your blog. Hi, I'm Erran, I'm 15 years old. I'm generally a really hyperactive person who loves laughing and being with friends.  have a slight obsession with make-up and hair products. My blog is mostly about hair/make-up products and what I think about them. It also has Hauls, Outfit Posts and just general things going on in my life.
2) What made you want to start blogging? I wanted to start blogging because I thought it would be a good way to follow on from my Youtube channel. I also have alot to say and I always need to get my opinions out there and what better way to do it than a blog?!
3) Name a few favourite blogs? Definately yours! I absoloutely love it. I also like London's Closet and Lauren's Dressing Room too. They have posts I can relate too and have good advice on them!
4) What inspires you to make posts? When I get angry about something or whenever I really love a product I will blog about it. I think I will pretty much write a post about anything right now- I'm definately in a total blogging mood!
5) What do you love and hate about the blogging community? I love the way you can look at blogs and if there is something you want to try at least one person will have used it so you'll be able to get advice and opinions without wasting money. I don't like the way that everyone is so obsessed by mac! God, that is so annoying- the brand is NOT that good and everyone seems to put pressure on others as if it is the only make-up you can buy. The Youtube community is exactly the same!
6) Can you describe your blog in 5 words? make-up, hair, fashion, life, me!

7) What is your favourite shop? I'd have to say NewLook! It's so cheap and I just love the clothes. Whenever I go into New Look I want something which is such a shame when you don't have much money!
8) What is your favourite make-up brand? This is really hard because I don't really have a lot of products from the same brand. If I was taking my answer from the amount of one brand I have it would be Collection 2000! I'm going to say BarryM though as the lipstick and nail varnishes are lovely!
9) What is your favourite perfume? My all time favourite would be Hugo Boss -  Deep Red. My mam bought me it a couple of Christmases ago and I've loved it ever since! I do really like Red Jeans too.
10) What is your all time favourite make-up item? I would have to say YSL Perfect Touch Foundation. It's really hard to get a foundation as white as my skin and I've only ever found two that I like. This one and Revlon Colour Stay. This one however was definately my favourite!
11) Describe your skincare routine? This might sound bad, but I don't have a skincare routine! I just can't be bothered and I don't need it so I don't do it. I don't get spots at all so all I do is wipe my face with a make-up wipe on a morning. I don't even take off my make-up to go to bed.
12) What is your favourite hair care product? Dry shampoo! It's an absoloute life saver. I could not live without it. The Batiste one specifically for dark hair is a godsend!
13) What is one product that you could not live without? Any kind of foundation- I have really freckly skin and I absolutely HATE it. I try to cover it up constantly. EW!

14) What is your favourite colour? Grey!
15) What is your favourite animal? I absoloutely adore turtles- too cute!
16) What is your favourite thing to drink? I love shandy or redbull.
17) Your favourite food? Carbonara is my favourite meal ever. I'd eat it for life. I'm abit like you though- I will eat absoloutely anything!
18) What's your favourite movie? my favourite film would have to be TopGun. I can't get enough of it, A close second is The Lion King though. It's adorable.
19) Favourite band/singer? Kings of Leon! They're amazing. I haven't seen them in concert yet but I have tickets for when they come to Newcastle in June. I can't wait.
20) How would you describe yourself/life? I am ridiculously hyperactive and will laugh at everything. Even if it's not funny. People say I'm 'hilarious' but I think it's generally just how loud and hyper I am. God, the way I've described myself is terrible but ah well! My life is really boring. I genuinely do nothing after I come in from school- watch telly and go on the laptop. If it's sunny I sometimes go out. Not very often though!

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