Lusting After...Peacocks

A few of you mentioned that you would like to see more wishlists from me, with this in mind I'm going to do a regular 'lusting after' feature. I'm not going to do it on a certain day or time but will do it on occasions. Hopefully it won't harm my bank balance too much!

As I'm sure you all know I'm a Peacocks and Primark type of girl, so here is an outfit from Peacocks that I would love! I think this would be ideal for a beer garden.

Peacock dress
16 GBP - peacocks.co.uk

Peacock shoes
20 GBP - peacocks.co.uk

Flower jewelry
7 GBP - peacocks.co.uk

Flower jewelry
4 GBP - peacocks.co.uk

Peacock jewelry
3 GBP - peacocks.co.uk

Beaded bangle
6 GBP - peacocks.co.uk

So that is an whole outfit for £56! Bargain-tastic!

Would you like this to become a regular feature?


  1. oh mi gosh that is such a cute outfit, totally beer garden must have! lust after! following xxxxx

  2. This would make a great regular feature :)

  3. Love those shoes. Jude xx @jadlgw

  4. Thanks girls! The shoes are amazing aren't they! x

  5. Bargain outfit. I Love those shoes and the jewellery.Peacocks is a bit hit and miss sometimes they have the odd gorgeous item and then sometimes it just full of rubbish. They are getting better though. xx

  6. great feature - that dress is amaze! :o) x

  7. Wow lovely selection!

    I haven't been to Peacocks for ages...may have to take a look next time I walk past a store! :)


  8. Ooooo this IS A good idea, more more!! And what a lovely outfit it is! I LOVE that dress!!

    I hope the tea tree stuff continues to work for you, tea tree is my favourite and I love it working on my spots!! And I am glad I am not the only one who uses toothpaste for spots!!

    Kitty xox


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