RAK - Random Act of Kindness

As some of you may know Kelly over at Bakes, Beauty & Blog started RAK a while back, RAK meaning random act of kindness. This is how Kelly describes RAK:

"I know how much we all like getting our parcels of goodies from the postman and I know some are currently going though spending band and p10p so I thought I would try and start a Random Act of Kindness group.  I have done this before and it worked really well.  

So the idea is we form a group I'm thinking about 5 to start off with and then we can build it up if we get more interest."

As soon as I saw this I commented, what a fab idea! So, all five of us filled in a questionnaire to tell the others a little about ourselves and we agreed to spend £2 on each person taking part. These are the gifts that I sent to the girls :

'friendship' style bracelet, areo lamb, nail polish and a Welsh cake

These are the gifts I received :

I also asked Dee to pick up a bottle of Gosh Hollographic for me which she posted along with my RAK
lots of sweets and a lovely necklace

MUA eyedust, MUA eyeliner & a scrummy Malteasers bunny
NYC Lipgloss, If you can see the letter Rachel suggested I should wear it with a certain necklace she had seen in my blog posts, which I thought was a lovely touch
cute ring, lipgloss & a chomp

Didn't we all do well for just £2?! I had some lovely goodies and both receiving and sending them put a smile on my face :) I hope that Kelly arranges more, don't forget to go follow her blog so that you won't miss out on the next one!



  1. This is such a lovely idea :)


  2. Such a cute idea, maybe I will try organise one on my blog if she doesn't mind! Such a cute idea, especially when some people are going through tough times in life.

    I'm a new follower and really enjoy your blog! Cute layout too :) x

    Jade By The Sea

  3. Awww thanks hun i really enjoyed the whole thing XX

    Give it a month or so and i will redo it

    Great post and thanks for been so kind and thoughtful with your gifts

  4. I loved loved LOVED doing this. Thank you Kelly for starting it up :) and thank you all for the lovely gifts. I am quite sad its over x x

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  6. My blogger is playing up and telling me its unavailable but posting whoops :/ Perfect post to sum up the end of RAK Leanne :) x x

  7. haha having trouble there El!

    It was a fab thing to do, Kelly really did well organising it all

    :) xx


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