OOTN 19.6.11 - Black & Gold

Hi guys, sorry for being so late posting this outfit! I had a few outfit posts to put up from last weekend and completely forgot about this one! As you may know from my week in photos we went to Cardiff for my friends birthday, the theme was black and gold. I originally ordered a gold dress from ebay, as seen in my week in post, unfortunately this style of dress does not suit me at all so I returned it. I then struggled to find a replacement outfit! I rummaged through my wardrobe and found an old £0.99 ebay buy that I hadn't worn, but wasn't too fussed on the big bow, I decided to get my scissors out! Here are the results :

As you can see I did make a little nick in the dress but its nothing that can't be hidden by a belt!

I think removing the bow and adding the belt has really updated this dress

Sorry about the dodgy mirror photo, the lace cover up was a last minute addition so I quickly took a photo!

Dress - Ebay
Belt - River Island
Lace Cover up - boohoo.com
Shoes - Peacocks
Bag - Peacocks
Love'Ring - Primark
Leaf Ring - Thirteen Jewellery
Owl Necklace - Love Suzie (closed down)
I can't remember where the bracelets or earings were from sorry!

I'm not going to go into details on the make up as it is just the same make up that I always wear with the addition of a pair of Kimberely Girls Aloud eyelashes.

This Saturday night is a lot quieter than that one! I cooked some pizza, garlic bread and potato wedges and am now watching Parent Trap - hell I might go crazy and have a fizzy drink! (I've cut down on fizzy drinks and haven't had one in an age!) 

You know you're getting old when this is your idea of a good Saturday night!

What are you all up to?


  1. Thanks hun, really means a lot :) xx

  2. Oooh I love your hair!
    Those shoes are gorgeous too! :) xx

  3. You're coordination skills are amazing hehe! You definitely rocked the dress with some simple DIY! Love it! :) My saturday night will consist of catching up on some missed tv all alone with a glass of lemonade.. haha fun times! xx

  4. Oh wow, the belt made a huge difference! So cute.



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