Plea for help

Hi girls, what a horrible depressing day! I don't think it has stopped raining yet :( I was going to go for a walk, nice bit of exercise but have now decided against it due to the horrible-ness that is outside!

I've just decided to enter the Very facebook competition, I would be very grateful if you guys could help me out by winging a vote my way :) The prize is huge, I'm pretty sure that I have no chance of winning but its worth a shot! If I did win it would change my life completely!

All you have to do to vote for me is go over to the Very facebook page, search for Leanne Stundon and vote for my entry. I will be eternally grateful!

Also, good luck to anyone else who is having a go at this!

Thank you :) :) :)


  1. voted :o) Good Luck!! Looks like an AMAZING prize! xx

  2. i voted! good luckkk :D
    Rosie xo


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