We have a winner :)

I love announcing giveaway winners :) Especially on horrible days like this, hopefully I'm going to cheer this particular person up on this horrible Monday!

I was quite overwhelmed with all the entries, and a little annoyed if I'm honest. I didn't specify that blogs and Twitter accounts set up purely for giveaways wouldn't be counted, so begrudgingly I had to count them all. There were also a few entries from people who I know already have this brush, which I don't agree with but still I counted them. I will certainly be looking into more specific rules IF I do another giveaway.

Anyway, onto happier news!!! The winner is .......

Kelly :)

Congratulations Kelly! I have emailed you asking for your address, when I have a reply I will pass it on to Sigma!

Thanks to everyone for supporting me and for entering. Those of you who are after a freebie feel free to un-follow.


  1. Congrats Kelly! So glad she won because I know how much she wanted a Sigma brush x

  2. Ah, i know what you mean with the serial compers. it's more mental on twitter. There are accounts set up just for comping. and some even make a living out of it! x

  3. I've not had it on previous giveaways so was so shocked! Its a learning curve though I know to run future giveaways differently x

  4. Yay congrats kelly - Im sorry u had a pretty grim give away hon xx

  5. Congrats to the winner!


  6. It wasn't too bad, I was in a bad mood when I wrote that post haha!
    Glad Kel won though xx


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