week in Photos #16

We had a food trial at our Wedding venue on Friday, it was delicious! We both ordered all of the more expensive stuff as we weren't paying, we worked out that including drinks it would have come to about £70 so we did well getting that for free! (they don't usually give you a trial meal but I kicked off to get it!)
I had prawns to start, they were marinated in garlic and cashew nuts, very tasty.

Beef fillets for my main, I had blue cheese sauce with this which I didn't photo

Dark chocolate truffle cake :)

I won £20 on a scratchcard :)

So I had a new piercing, I also had the ball changed on my tragus bar which you can just about see here

We went out for drinks last night & Claire had laid on all those jelly shots and these amazing strawberries all made by herself!

Nail shot, me with my little pinky haha!!

Tequilla, it makes me happy :)

I've been making jewellery for my new shop

I had a random craving for Yorkshire Pudding earlier, we went up Spencer's parents for tea but they never do Yorkshires so this was my lunch!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and aren't too depressed at the thought of going back to work tomorrow, I am :( 


  1. We're undecided on what to have for the menu yet, its so difficult as we only have one meal choice so we have to pick something that most people will like - stress!!! x

  2. food looks yummy! Your pictures with your mates looks so much fun, did you have a great time? I hope so. I thought those were yorkies with chocolate custard to start with, got me feeling hungry! Gravy would do just as well though!

  3. I love a good food post - that wedding meal looks fab, especially the cake! Mind you, I'm equally craving yorkies and gravy having seen your pic - easily pleased!

    Can't believe your friend made those strawberries, they look fab and I love the nail shot, that's a new one on the all put your foot / shoe in the middle group photos!

    Going to check out your shop now - quite fancy a quirky lego ring =)

    Gem xx

  4. It was scrummy, which is a big relief as we've already paid our deposit x

  5. It was fun, we do have a good time when we all get together fair play.
    Chocolate custard, that actually did make me laugh! What a combination that would of been! xx

  6. Fab idea isn't it, I think this will become a regular photo on our nights out now! x

  7. Thanks Gem, you are my first buyer!
    The strawberries were amazing, I honestly thought they were shop bought! Girl did good!
    The nail shot is pretty special! xx

  8. YUMMY! Yummy food. Awesome pictures! The rings look fun too! How's the shop going? xxx

  9. The trial meal looks yummy. Is that what you're planning for your wedding menu? xo

  10. All this food looks so yummy!

    I love Yorkshire Puddings! They are definitely a must have for a roast! :)


  11. I've sold my first ring! Thanks for asking :) x

  12. Yorkshires are the best! So scrummy! x


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