What I Got with My Peacocks 40% Discount

Morning all :) What a lovely morning again! So glad I'm not in work, just a shame I'm stuck in the house doing house work!

I had my 40% friends & family discount in Peacocks last week, I didn't go too mad as I've cut my credit card up so couldn't haha!! This is what I bought :

 I've been wanting this dress for ages, I saw it was reduced by 15% and there was only one in my size the week before the 40% vouchers came out, I was just going to buy it then but my lovely cousin put it out the back for me so that I could get it with the voucher! I ended up paying something like £9 for it!

 I'm still searching to find a nice pair of shorts, unfortunately these weren't them. They have been returned.

 Another ring to add to my ever growing collection!

T-Shirts for Spencer, these were 3 for £10 so with the discount I had all 3 for £6 - bargain!

I also bought some goodies for my RAK with the discount, came in very good timing as it meant that I could get more than usual and keep within the £10 limit. I haven't posted these pictures as I only sent the goodies off on Saturday so the mystery receiver probably hasn't received it yet.

Now I must log off blogger and Twitter! Loads to do today - house work, shower, fringe cut, smear test (eugh), pack for London.

If you see me tweeting please tell me to get off!!


  1. Ooh i have that dress and it is a favourite of mine!

  2. 40% is an amazing discount! A shame you didn't like the shorts though :( xo

  3. It is fab! I really struggle with shorts, I've tried so many this year but none suit me x

  4. I love the dress!!



  5. Thanks :) I love it too, been wanting it for ages but too skint to pay full price! It was obviously meant to be! x

  6. You cut your credit card?!?! Wow, I don't think I could ever do that. haha. But great haul hun! =)


  7. I'll be honest, its a struggle without one! Had to do it though it was getting out of control! xx

  8. that dress is so pretty, what a great buy. The ring is adoreable too!

  9. Thank you :) I wore the dress yesterday, it is sooo comfortable! Forgot to take any jewellery with me so the ring hasn't had an outing yet! x


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