Hair Cut

Hello from me for the second time this evening! I thought I would show you some pictures of my haircut that I had Saturday. It isn't my favourite hair do ever but I want my hair to be in a good condition for the wedding which means no hair dye and a sensible cut! It wasn't a major change as I'm trying to grow it, just a tidy up. It was a right mess when I went, completely out of control! I've just been tying it back lately as its been too thick and horrid to do anything with. Excuse the mess in the before photo, it had been washed and left to dry naturally! I don't bother doing my hair to go to the hairdressers!

This is the last time I had it cut, back in April! I go a while between cuts don't I! As you can see it has grown a little...

This is my hair in July last year when I first started to grow it out, as you can see completely different, doesn't even look like me!

I did a post ages ago on my hair through the years, it has changed a lot! If you are interested you can view that here.


  1. Thanks :)
    It is a nightmare growing it but I will persist! xx

  2. Thanks lovely. I do enjoy the hairdressers just don't enjoy the price! xx

  3. i love the style you have your hair in :)
    im trying to grow mine too, what an effort it is!!!
    Rosie xo

  4. Love your hair shots. I relish my once every eight weeks trip to the hairdressers. Such a treat for me.

  5. Thanks :) I do like a fringe, just hate the maintenance! x

  6. It looks oh-so wonderful! <3 I love having a fringe!

    Lost in the Haze

  7. I really, really like your hair cut. It looks lovely.


  8. Thanks hun :) I liked it short too but want it long for the wedding. x

  9. Your hair looks lovely. I really like it short too! x


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