My Search for the perfect day to night outfit, Haul

Hi guys, what a lovely Saturday :) I'm off to Ponty's Big Weekend to watch The Wanted along with various other acts. I was originally a little worried about the weather, thankfully it has turned out to be a glorious day in South Wales. This is good for two reasons. a) we're standing in a field with no cover all day and b) I don't have to wear wellies so I can go into Cardiff for some drinks after the gig. Yay!

I've been searching for the perfect dress for a Christening that I am attending next week. You may remember I asked for advice here. I did try the dress on that I was considering buy but it did nothing for me. I ended up picking this dress up instead.

floaty cream dress from Peacocks with lace neck detail and wing arms
evie cream dress with crochet and lace detail
I was very pleased with this dress. It kills two birds with one stone so to speak. I can wear it to the gig today. It is the perfect 'day to night' dress. I'm going to wear it with flip flops and take heels to change into when I go into Cardiff. I'll have pictures of the flip flops outfit and hopefully I'll be sober enough to take photos of the outfit when I change into heels! It is also perfect for the Christening, so perfect in fact that one of the mothers (its a joint Christening with two cousin's) has bought the same dress, grrr!!! She was also planning on wearing the dress today! I managed to strike a deal that I'll wear it today and she can wear it to the Christening.

This did really annoy me last night as I'd showed her a link to a similar dress (this one wasn't on the website) so didn't think I had to worry about her buying the same one or the similar one! She then told me that she didn't even bother to click on the link I sent, why ask what I'm wearing?!?! RANT OVER!

I also picked up a few other bits while looking for a dress, as you do!

evie glam blusher from peacocks This was on sale in Peacocks for £1, I couldn't leave it there!

Superdrug purchases Rimmel stay matte foundation and MUA nail polish and eyeshadows
I also went into Superdrug for some new foundation. I can't leave Superdrug without picking up a few MUA pieces! I decided to try this foundation after I saw Jess say that she had bought it. Even though I love my 25 hour Rimmel foundation I thought I'd see if this one is any good. I'm terrible. I find the perfect foundation, then I want something better!

I will show you all of the make-up products in more detail soon.

Have a fab Saturday guys :) Those attending the Brummie meet, I hope you have a wicked time and I'm jealous!

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