OOTD - Day to Night

As you probably already know I went to Ponty's Big Weekend to see The Wanted yesterday. I went into Cardiff for drinks afterwards so wanted to wear something that was suitable to wear day to night. I showed you a picture of the dress yesterday so here it is all accessoried up!

Dress - Peacocks
Sandals - Peacocks
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Primark
Owl Necklace - Love Suzie Jewellery (closed down)
Earings - Peacocks
Bangles - Primark

I wore my sandals in the day and took some heels with me. I made sure that my bag was big enough to fit my shoes in. Its quite a simple look but I think it worked quite well for the day to night dilemma that I faced!

We had a lovely day and thankfully the sun was shining brightly! Most of us forgot our sunglasses so ended up popping into New Look in Pontypridd and picking up a pair for £1 in the sale! Here is a shot of the us outside the portaloos, classy! I'm not sure exactly where everyone got their clothes but I'll try my best!

Left to right - 
Kirsty is wearing a playsuit from Ebay
Gemma is wearing a playsuit from Debenhams (I think!)
Me as above
Sarah is wearing a New Look dress
Sadie ?

Sarah and I modelling are £1 New Look sunglasses!

Have you all had a good weekend? What have you been up to?


  1. awww yey the dress looks amazing! :o) lovely with both shoes too, glad you had a good day xxx

  2. Thanks hun, I was pleased with how it looked x

  3. Thank you :) Its lovely isn't it, quite flattering on my figure too :) x

  4. Thanks lovely :) I hope you had a nice day, can't beat beer gardens :) xx

  5. That is a gorgeous dress - love the detailing on the sleeves, so feminine and chic! x

  6. Oooh i love that dress. You and your friends all looked lovely!
    I went shopping yesterday and then had a couple of hours in a beer garden.xx


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