Week in Photos #18

Hello again :) I've had a busy week this week and have had lovely weather which has been a nice bonus.

London trip, I blogged about that here

My niece decided that my flower garland should live in Kitty's bed...

Our rose has come out so pretty... (also my camera impressed me with these snaps!)

Perfect Friday night...

Soaking up the rays, excuse the thunder thighs...

Saturday BBQ fun, I drank, Spencer cooked...

Kitty waiting for her food...

So glad that I bought Spencer that BBQ cook book...

Chocolate strawberries for pudding...

Frappucino and Asda's amazing chocolate and pecan popcorn...

I don't usually bother with the copy and paste status updates on facebook, but this one is spot on, so I did...

While I've got your attention (if I still have) Zoe, Kirsti and I have been in talks about meeting up for a day out in London. It will be on Saturday 20 August and we'll be keeping it as cheap as possible, there have been talks of a 'touristy day' including an open top bus ride! If you're interested let one of us know.

I'll be travelling down by either Megabus or National Express so if you're thinking of coming from my way (South Wales) we can possibly arrange to travel together :)


  1. wow this post has just made me very hungry! looks like youve been having an awesome time :o)

  2. hehe, I do recommend that people avoid viewing my week in photos if they're hungry! x

  3. I'm seriously lusting after all your food pics- nomnom! Mind if I ask where you are in South Wales? Just that I'm currently in Bridgend.

    Nat x

  4. loving all the food in this post haha I love those starbucks drinks, I always pick one up when I'm in Asda because there isn't a nice place to get coffee anywhere near me!
    Going to check my diary for the meet up now xx

  5. haha my week in photos always revolves around food, so naughty! x

  6. The food was delicious! Of course I don't mind hun, I'm from Pontypool near Newport - do you know it?x

  7. I'm actually hungry again after looking at all this yummy food! xx

  8. It was very yummy indeed, so glad I bought him that book! x

  9. We have got a Starbucks in Cwmbran, but I think these are cheaper from Asda!
    It'll be fab if you can make the meet up xx

  10. i just want to like eat this post ahah x



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