Week in Photos #20

This week has been....

HEALTHY - We picked these pizzas up in Tesco on quick sale, they are relatively healthy! Amazing!

NAUGHTY - I had to treat myself seeing as the pizza was so healthy!

CHOCOLATEY - These are gorgeous, perfect for that little hit of chocolate!

NAUGHTY (again) - I had some good news so I treated us to an Indian! This is half of a meal for one person!  I couldn't believe how much food turned up!

WET - I think Kitty must just sit in the rain, she doesn't appear to have made any effort to stay dry!

TASTY - I made Cottage pie the other day, one of my favourite meals! Spencer thought I was odd because I served it with Yorkshire puddings, but I think it goes well.

REFRESHING - you can't beat a nice cold bottle of Crabbies on a warm stuffy day! I seriously love this stuff!

FUN - I went out with the girls last night, my first night out in a month! I'm doing so well with cutting down on nights out. I do enjoy them but its just too expensive. We ended up in Newport, eugh. We started in Wetherspoons then went to Caerleon which is lovely. I didn't want to go to Newport but its too expensive to go home on my own. I was hammered by that time so can't really remember Newport - probably a good thing!


  1. Aw is Newport not a good night out? My friend has just moved there so we were going to have a night out but she doesn't know anyone so we have no idea where is good! x

  2. I love these kind of posts. Great blog, now following.

    Sadie x


  3. umm depends how old you are and what scene you're into really. I think I'm just too old for it haha, I did used to love nights out in Newport, used to go there almost every weekend. I just feel too old there now and the clubs are always too busy. I personally much prefer Cardiff. xx

  4. love the pizza and food :D yumm!!

  5. Thanks lovely :)

    The pizza was delicious, my other half loves pizza so we're always eating it xx

  6. They are indeed :) We added the mushrooms on ourselves. The first one I've tried and it was gorgeous! xx

  7. are those the pizza express pizzas? I love them!

  8. You look gorgeous in the pics from your night out :)

    That pizza looks so yummy! I never get to have pizzas as the bf cant have cheese :(



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