London Meet 20.8.11

I'm sure you all saw my excited tweets about the London blogger meet this Saturday just gone. I can't believe its been and gone already! It seemed like such a long time waiting for the day to arrive and then it was over in no time!

We had all arranged to meet in Victoria by W H Smith, I was texting Kirsti as she thought she was stood outside the place that the coaches arrived, I don't know London very well so wasn't really sure where she was! I headed on over to the main part of Victoria to be tapped on the shoulder by Kirsti. I was really impressed that she recognised me from behind on our first meeting! Good observational skills!

We then headed over to W H Smith together where we spotted Aisling and Laura. We all stood around and had a little chat and then came Faye! Faye guessed we were bloggers because of Laura's big camera. (I had serious camera envy what with Laura and Zoe's big cameras!) Not long after Zoe arrived and the fun began!

We headed over to Embankment where we boarded the Thames Clipper, we were headed to London Bridge but got off at Bankside in error, we were happy though as we were greeted by Pizza Express! Kirsti and myself were especially excited about this, I've never been to a Pizza Express restaurant before and Kirsti's partner doesn't eat cheese so she doesn't get to eat pizza very often.

I went for a healthy-ish option and had the pizza where the middle is missing and replaced with salad, it was lovely! We sat in Pizza Express chatting like long lost mates for quite a while, it started hammering down outside so the dry and warmth of the restaurant was hard to leave!

We then headed over to Bond Street for some shopping fun! We were joined by Katy for the shopping.

We went to Forever 21 (where we learnt about Kirsti's erratic phobia of sequins!), Illamasqua, Liberty Beauty hall, MAC and Topshop. These are my purchases from the day...

Illamasqua had a sale, both items were reduced to £5!
One of the lovely ladies in Illamasqua agreed to take a photo of us all using Zoe's camera, Zoe allowed me to pinch it as once again, I didn't take any photos (except for my pizza, typical me)!

Left to right:

I had such a lovely day and really enjoyed meeting these six lovely ladies! Thank you so much Zoe for your fab organisational skills! I can't wait to do it all again!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Hopefully I'll be able to make the next one!x

  2. It was brilliant thanks, we'll have to arrange another that you can come to.
    The pizza was good! xx

  3. It was really good thanks, can't wait for the next one! xx

  4. Sounds like you all had a fantastic time...so gutted that I couldn't make it. And I'm now starving after seeing that pizza pic! xx

  5. Aww, glad you had a great time hun!

    Nat x

  6. The forever 21 ring, is gorgeous! :)

    Lucy x


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