Looking Back & Looking forward - July/August

How are you all in this horrible sticky warm weather? I'm melting. If it was sunny I wouldn't be complaining, this is just horrible though, its like we need a massive thunderstorm to clear the air, not nice!

This month I've been loving...


This is a very late contender, I only received it one day last week, but I fell in love instantly! I'm sure you've already seen everyone raving about this palette and the hype is right! Its a must have! Review to follow.


I bought this watch from ASOS ages ago with the Groupon that came out, I've just not gotten around to getting the links taken out. I love this watch, it is so pretty and looks quite expensive, despite the fact that it turns my wrist green (!) when its hot it is a fave!


This has to be Spencer's yummy BBQ steak :) He coats it in some sort of olive oil and garlic marinade and then BBQs it to perfection :)


Zoe's consisting posting of amazing eye looks
Katie's amazing DIY wedding invites
Florrie's floral collaboration (including me!)
Rachael-Marie's paint splatter nails

Blog discoveries...

I'm dedicating this section to my friends that have started blogging this month :)

Claire is currently taking part in the 30 day challenge.
Laura has opened up with a cracking post on her DIY ring storage, I do hope that there is more to come!

The products that I've used in full this month...

I haven't used a lot this month, just this little bottle of XEN tan that I received in my GlossyBox. I'm not going to review this as I am a fake tan newbie. It did go patchy and streaky, but that was probably my fault!

Looking forward to...

5.8.11 drinks at my friend's house
A couple of days off work next week
12.8.11 Bristol Blogger meet
19.8.11 A friend's Engagement party
20.8.11 London Blogger meet
25-28.8.11 a trip to Wokingham to visit the future bro-in-law

I'm also trying to fit a meal with the girls in somewhere!

So much to look forward to!! I hope that you all have an amazing month ahead :)


  1. BTW that was http://intrinsicallyflorrie.blogspot.com/, Disqus confuses me sometimes!

  2. Ahh this is a lovely post :)
    Thanks for the mention sweetie

    Florrie x

  3. that MUA palette looks gorgeous!It has in it all the colours I love!!Great favs hun!!!


  4. I need to get that Palette!

    (and also work out if I can make the Bristol Bloggers meet!)


  5. It really is gorgeous. Can't stop staring at it haha!
    Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad you enjoyed it xx

  6. You do need to get that palette and you do need to make the meet!
    It would be lovely to meet you xx


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