RAK - Random acts of Kindness

I'm excited to announce that I am going to be holding an RAK! If you aren't sure what exactly an RAK is you can read my blog posts about the last two that I have taken part in, here and here. The first RAK that I took part in was organised by Kelly and the second by Dee, both of who have given me their blessing to hold my own - thanks guys!

I will be teaming people up into pairs who will be buying for each other. When I have matched everyone I will send you your 'partners' blog URL and Twitter name (if applicable) so that you can find out a little bit about them. If I don't have an even number of participants I will first try and rope someone else into it, or, unfortunately it may mean that I won't be able to count the last person to sign up.

If you would like to take part then please comment below with the following information:

Full name:
Country of Residence:
Favourite colour:
Favourite make-up brand:
Email address:
Blog URL:
Twitter name:

The important bits!!

You will be required to spend £10 on your 'partner', not including postage. 
You must be 16 or over to participate as you will need to give out your address.
If you wish to take part you must comment below by Monday 05 September.
I will let everyone know who they are paired up with by Wednesday 07 September at the latest, from that date you must make sure that your package has been shipped to the recipient within one month, so by 07 October. I'm leaving it for a whole month to accomdate different people's paydays.
This is open to the UK and Ireland only, if anyone outside of these countries wishes to participate then please contact me via Twitter or email and I will find out if anyone is prepared to pay the extra postage.


  1. sounds great! :)
    Full name: Rosie Sherratt
    Age: 19
    Country of Residence: UK
    Favourite colour: Green
    Favourite make-up brand: Bourjois
    Hobbies: Reading, Photography
    Email address: rosiesherratt@hotmail.co.uk
    Blog URL: http://rosiesherratt.blogspot.com/
    Twitter name: @roseanneamy

    Rosie xo

  2. Would love to take part, been thinking about it and I am going to do it!:)
    Full name: Jessica-May Lake
    Age: 16
    Country of Residence: UK
    Favourite colour: Purple + Grey
    Favourite make-up brand: Barry M and Natural Collection and ELF
    Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Writing to penpals, Journaling, watching films, going on bike rides
    Email address: xojessicamay@hotmail.co.uk
    Blog URL: www.xbonjourbelle.blogspot.com
    Twitter name: xojessicamay

    thanks!:) xxx

  3. What a lovely idea, unfortunately I don't have money to be buying lots of bits so can't take part but it really is a nice idea and a great way to meet new bloggers!

  4. I'd love to take part in this :)

    Full name: Hannah Young
    Age: 24
    Country of Residence: Wales
    Favourite colour: Pink
    Favourite make-up brand: Mac, Benefit & Barry M
    Hobbies: makeup, reading, penpal-ing and sewing
    Email address:hannabowenyoung@hotmail.co.uk
    Blog URL: hannaelouise.blogspot.com
    Twitter name: @Hannaelouise

  5. Yayyyyyy thanks for running this hon xx

    Full name: Rachel Walsh
    Age: ehemmmm 27 cough
    Country of Residence: Ireland
    Favourite colour: Purple/Black
    Favourite make-up brand: MUA
    Hobbies: Blogging and shopping
    Email address: aprettyobsession@gmail.com
    Blog URL: http://aprettyobsession.blogspot.com/
    Twitter name: @prettyobsessed

  6. Ah I would love to take part again!!

    Full name: Charli Bruce
    Age: 23.... Eeeek first time i've written that since my birthday!
    Country of Residence: UK
    Favourite colour: Purple
    Favourite make-up brand: Ooo I have a few... Bourjois, Sleek, Barry M and more expensive ones ;)
    Hobbies: Blogging, watching movies, shopping, singing :)
    Email address: charli@secretsbehindtheclosetdoor.com
    Blog URL: http://www.secretsbehindtheclosetdoor.com/
    Twitter name: @SBTCDCharli


  7. Full name: Jessica Laughton
    Age: 28
    Country of Residence: UK
    Favourite colour: Purple followed closely by turquoise.
    Favourite make-up brand: I don't really have a favourite brand, but I do love indie make-up companies.
    Hobbies: Make up! I also love to cook (I'm vegetarian) and get my craft on with a bit of knitting or embroidery.
    Email address: notamakeupsnob@gmail.com
    Blog URL:http://notamakeupsnob.blogspot.com/
    Twitter name: notamakeupsnob

  8. Yay, this sounds like a great idea!
    Full name:Sophie Williamson-Chambers
    Age: 26
    Country of Residence: England
    Favourite colour: Blue
    Favourite make-up brand: No special favourites
    Hobbies: writing letters, gardening, shopping, cooking, blogging, gosh I sound dull. walking in the countryside. Childish fun.
    Email address: countrygirldoesnorfolk@gmail.com
    Blog URL: http://cgdn.blogspot.com
    Twitter name: @countrygirldoes

  9. This is a really lovely idea, I'd love to take part :)
    Full name: Helen Vipond
    Age: 19
    Country of Residence: England
    Favourite colour: Pink or anything glittery!
    Favourite make-up brand: 17, Benefit, NYC
    Hobbies: Watching films, travelling, blogging, looking at pretty shoes (this last one is totally a hobby, honest...!)
    Email address: half-theworldaway@hotmail.co.uk

  10. Ooo i'd love to take part in this :)

    Full name: Kirsti Rushe
    Age: 25
    Country of Residence: England
    Favourite colour: Black/grey
    Favourite make-up brand: 17, Barry M
    Hobbies: Blogging, shopping, eBaying, DIY/customising - clothes/shoes/jewellery, music/films :)
    Email address: kirsti_r@hotmail.com

    Thanks Leanne for hosting this :)



  11. Full name: Sara Halliday
    Age: 16
    Country of Residence: Wales, UK
    Favourite colour: Blue
    Favourite make-up brand: Rimmel, Benefit, Barry M
    Hobbies: Reading, blogging, watching films, listening to music, beauty, fashion - all very normal!
    Email address: shuttershimmer@gmail.com

  12. Ahhh, I've been loving your RAK posts and have wanted to do one for aaaages:) I don't have a blog (well, not a particularly active one anyway - ha) but I do have a twitter etc that I use a lot.
    Full name: Sara Bookless
    Age: 25
    Country of Residence: UK
    Favourite Colour: Red. And Bubblegum Pink.
    Favourite Make Up Brand: Models Own (I like Sleek too, but NOWHERE near me sells it at all - think the nearest is Newcastle. Booo).
    Hobbies: Looking after my 1 year old son (he's awesome), taking xrays (not so much a hobbie as a job, but I enjoy it), collecting anything related to Momiji, reading. I sounds really boring. Ha. Oh well.
    Email address: sara_book98@yahoo.co.uk
    twitter: @sara_book
    Blog URL: http://leopardsdots.blogspot.com/ (I'm a newbie, be gentle:p)

  13. Full name: Joy Holdsworth
    Age: 26
    Country of Residence: UK
    Favourite colour: Pink
    Favourite make-up brand: Sleek
    Hobbies: I like pink stuff, blogging, zumba, going to the cinema, makeup, hair and shoes (I realise they aren't all hobbies but they're I'm interested in lol)

  14. I have been really looking forward t this :) I'm so excited to take part in a RAK!
    Full name: Jessica Rowland
    Age: 20
    Country of Residence: Wales
    Favourite colour: Pastel colours! <3
    Favourite make-up brand: Sleek/Rimmel
    Hobbies: Blogging, Travel, shopping, reading and fantasising about pretty things/makeup haha!


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