SW Blogger Meet 12.8.11

As I'm sure most of you are aware I attended the South West Blogger meet on Friday.

I stupidly took very few photos (bad blogger!). The lovely girls over at mystreetchic.com allowed me to steal this photo!
Back row L-R Bee, Lyzi, Stephanie, Gina (mystreetchic)
Bottom row L-R Sian (mystreetchic), me, Kate, Sammy, Kim, Lilly, Gemma, Laura, Rosie
I met Gemma in Cardiff and we then travelled to Bristol together. I was so nervous but Gemma is so friendly and bubbly she put me at ease.

We arrived at Temple Meads and joined the circle of bloggers! (we were all stood around in a random circle, it seemed to naturally form whenever we stopped any where!)
I'll be honest, I was crapping myself! I've not been in the situation of meeting strangers for years! The last time I was in that situation was when I started my job 7 or 8 years ago! In my group of friends I'm usually the gobby one, but at this meet I was very quiet compared to my usual self! Hopefully after a few more meets I'll start to come out of my shell!

Bee walked us over from Temple Meads to Cabot Circus where Lyzi was waiting for us all. We then made the decision to go to Frankie and Benny's straight away as we were all starved after travelling to Bristol.

After food we attempted some shopping, I think we all bought stuff in Primark (see the bags under the table in the photo above!), even myself despite the fact that I can't afford it! We then wandered around a few more shops but our hearts weren't really in it, we were all so tired so we just decided to head to the pub!

I bought a pair of tights reduced to £1 and a black cardi, I'm a sucker for anything with a pretty brooch attached to it! 

We went to Start the Bus where we all relaxed with a few drinks before meeting with Gina and Sian from mystreetchic. They joined us for a few drinks and explained the whole concept behind their website before taking some snaps of us for their website.

possibly the nicest smelling lipbalm ever!
I have now signed up to mystreetchic's website as I think it is an amazing idea! Its a fashion website revolving around normal people. They regularly snap people in the street and have competitions for the best dressed. They are currently looking for people to represent the area that they live in, if you like the sound of it I'm sure they'd love to hear from you!

The one photo that I did take...
Laura, Kim and Rosie

I had a lovely day and all the girls are so nice! Massive thanks to Bee and Lyzi for organising this event! I am now super excited about the London meet on Saturday and the Christmas Bristol meet! I, amongst others, have decided to look into accommodation to stay the night for that one so that we can have a night out without worrying about getting trains back.

Kim and Rosie have also written about the day.


  1. Me neither :) The Xmas party should be amazing! X

  2. it was so much fun, can't wait for the next one!

  3. It was fab, you're more than welcome to come to them now hun, its a good way of getting to know others bloggers


  4. It was a fab day, next time I go to one I'll do a blog post about it so that my followers are aware. It may be worth while following Bee & Lyzi too as they are the organisers!

  5. I'm really, really up for staying over night, it would be nice if we could all relax and have a drink. It was a lovely day and it was such a pleasure to meet you all.


  6. Thanks :) I may pick another pair up if they have them in my local Primark as they were reduced to £1 and I have a feeling I'm gonna wear them to death!

    I'll be sure to do a post about the London meet, thanks hun


  7. It looks like you had a wicked day! All these southwest meetups I have no idea about until they happen! x

  8. It was fab thanks :)
    I really hope you can make the next one, it would be so nice to meet you


  9. Looks like you guys had an amazing day :D Hopefully once I've been blogging for longer and know a few more I'll come to one of these :)

    Lucy xx

  10. We should definitely all stay at a hotel for the next one so we can partaaaay ;)
    I had such a lovely day! You're all so lovely.

    I can't believe I didn't take any photo's either :(

    I do like the fact your only photo has me in it though :) haha. xxx

  11. Love those tights, I wish I got some myself now to be honest!
    Have a lovely time at the London meet and let us all know how it goes :) x

  12. Awww looks like you had an awesome day:) looking forward to the next...keeping fingers crossed its on a weekend Xx


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