Week in Post #10

This week I've received...

My first Boudoir Prive box, you can see what was inside & what I thought of it here.

My August GlossyBox, you can see what was inside & what I thought here

I cancelled my subscription with Graze, but decided to order one for my trip to London, I love eating munchies when travelling!

 A cheap nail art pen from Amazon, it can be used as a brush or pen

 I mentioned before that I used to spend a lot of time on this website. They emailed me several years back to say that some of my tips had made it into their book, I finally ordered the book, unfortunately there is nothing by me in there :( I'm guessing there are a couple of different books and I ordered the wrong one. Its still a handy book though.

 Another nail art pen from Amazon

I recently won a Sigma competition through their twitter, these lovely make-up bags were my prizes :)


  1. These were dirt cheap, just over £2 each I think! xx

  2. Oooh pretty make up bags, and I love nail art pens. I need to get some! x

  3. for healthy snacks, they look really good :)
    Looks like a good week!

    Lucy x


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