Week in Post #9

If only the postman bought me Rose Champagne every Saturday morning hey! The lovely people over at Top Tips For Girls sent me this as a thank you.  I used to spend a lot of my time on their website asking and replying to questions. The website has been off line for quite some time, but is now back up and running. As a thank you they are sending all of us old tipsters presents! How sweet!

 I saw these nail art stickers on Hannah's blog and decided to get myself some.  I loved that the seller sent a little note and oil blotting sheets as a free gift, such good service for an ebayer! I bought them from this seller.

 I was lucky enough to win Cherry's facebook giveaway, thank you so much for my lovely prize Cherry :)

 I missed out on the latest 50% ELF discount as the minimum spend was more than I wanted to spend. They have recently run a 33% discount so I ordered a few things with that, as always, it arrived super quickly!

I boubht this Sleek Graphite palette from Leanne Marie's blog sale at a bargainous price! Thank you Leanne! There are still a few items left so check it out!


  1. It was a lovely surprise, if only it happened more often! xx

  2. Thanks :) Its nice to have the occasional winning streak isn't it!

  3. Wow, wish i could wake up to a lovely bottle of champange! :) x

  4. Congrats on winning those giveaways!


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