Stargazer Shake and Bling Challenge

Hi all :)

You may have seen this challenge on a few other blogs lately. Stargazer are running a competition (closing date is tomorrow). They sent us four products with which we had to come up with a nail art design. The products included were a nail varnish, a nail art pen, a glitter shaker and some nail diamonds. We selected the colours that we wanted.

I selected the nail art pen in gold, the holo glitter shaker in Onix and the nail polish in shade 105.

I had originally decided to do a 'starry night' theme, it didn't quite go as planned but I'm still very pleased with the result!

I started with with two coats of shade 105.

and then went crazy!
I painted the ends of most nails with a top coat and then dipped them into the glitter shaker. I used the nail art pen to draw the 'moon' on the bottom of my ring finger and to draw the 'stars' in the black glitter. I then added some bling followed by a top coat and sprinkled a little more glitter over all the nails.

My vision for this was the blue being the sky, going up to the black where its getting darker in the night, then the gold & smaller diamant√© were stars and the big diamond is the bright North star that you see wherever you go!

What do you think of my attempt? I'm quite pleased with it. Unfortunately I found out about the competition quite late on so haven't had time to try out loads of different looks.

Did you enter this challenge? If so I would love to see what you came up with!

Massive thanks for Dee at Touch Media for allowing me to take part in the challenge.


  1. Oooh, I like it! Different! :) xx


  2. Thanks :) I am really getting into nail art lately :) x

  3. These look so good! I'm slowly getting back into my nail art again! :)

    Lucy x

  4. Thanks hun :) I didn't expect it to arrive so quickly so it was a lovely surprise! x

  5. I love your idea. Your nails look fab :) and I'm glad your stuff came in time for you to take part xx


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