Week in Post #11

I didn't do a week in post last week as I didn't receive a lot, today I have for you a fortnight in post instead! I've actually been quite sensible and not ordered a lot, which makes a change!!

 I'm pretty sure that almost everyone on the blogging scene will have received a package from these in the last two weeks! I obviously couldn't resist the 50% off code, I'd never tried Models Own before so this was an ideal opportunity to give them a whirl.

 After my post about How to Konad? and reading most of the responses stating that I do need the proper stuff I placed an order on eBay. It cost £15.50 for all of these which I thought was very good! I got them from this seller, I ordered on Thursday night and they arrived today - impressive no? Can't wait to have a play with them!

E.L.F. had another 50% discount code, once again, I couldn't resist! I loved my Matte Lip Colour so ordered one in every other colour!

I saw these on Danielle's blog and decided I wanted some. It costs £1.99 for 20 water decals which isn't too bad. I got them from this eBay seller. (there is a rugby world cup coming up so I couldn't resist the tacky Welsh ones!)

Frooly are giving a code for a £5 discount if you 'like' them on facebook. Me being the bargain hunter I am had to take advantage and order something! Hello moustache necklace :)

Burberry were giving away a free sample if you 'like' them on facebook. Mine arrived this morning. I haven't had chance to sniff it yet!


  1. Oooh you have a great eye for bargains, just requested my Burberry free fragrance too, keep up the good work!



  2. I love the ELF matte lip colours, they really are fab, converted me from a gloss girl!

  3. I'm sure there'll be NOTDs featuring them soon x

  4. I managed to use the water decals, I have a guest post on Gem's blog (will post the link when its up) coming up on Friday with mine, they're fab aren't they?
    Mine has come off a bit around the tip but that happened when I applied it because I tried trimming it down before it had dried properly. Its hardly noticeable though.

  5. I just ordered the ELF matte lipstick in Tea Rose:) Can't wait to try it, I've been searching for a good 'day' pink/neutral lipstick for ages. My lops are far too pigmented. Ha:P And yey for Models Own! I hope you like them - I love Models Own nail polishes.

  6. Ooh lots of gorgeous stuff! Specially loving the models own colours such beautiful shades :)


  7. Ohhhh you had a good week i got MO too but i'm so skint at the moment i only ordered 4 and that was naughty really! If you need any help with the water decels just tweet me :] My union Jack toes are still going strong after 2 weeks :] xxxx

  8. Oh wow you got some awesome goodies this week :)

    L x


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