Clippy Competition - A Plea!

Hi all, you may have seen on my previous post and my Twitter that I have been shorlisted in Clippy's competition. Eight of us have been shortlisted and three lucky winners will win the bag that they designed. I'm currently in fourth place with 17 likes, the bag in third place has 50 likes so I have quite a while to go!

I designed one side of my bag with all my own images and then for the other side I just used cute images. The cute side will be perfect summer days with a nice little summer dress, the personal side will be amazing for all occasions!

I will speak about the photos left to right bottom to top and what they represent, they all represent my favourite things.

  • A bottle of Crabbies, my sunglasses and the the sea in the background to represent holidays
  • my dress, tights and shoes to represent fashion
  • yum food because I love food! 
  • The Wales Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay, I love Wales, particularly the bay and this amazing building
  • My 'Rolling Stones' lips ring, represents a bit of fashion and also a bit of my personality, playful
  • More yum food
  • My doodles on an iPad, Leanne + Spencer 4Eva, self explanatory really!
  • Severn Bridge to represent travelling, leaving Wales!
  • My feet on a dashboard, again, to represent travel. I love nothing better than kicking back in the car with my feet up and the music blaring while taking a long drive in the summer time (I'm always the passenger!) 
  • Cake :)
  • Cinema tickets for The Inbetweeners movie. I love films, I love The Inbetweeners, I love a giggle.
  • Cwmbran Boating Lake. Such a beautiful place that is local, Spencer and I often walk around here.

I hope that you like my bag and my photos!

If you think that I deserve to win please follow this link and 'like'  the photo. I will really appreciate it!

If I don't win I'm just going to have to persuade someone to buy me this bag for Christmas!

Thanks to those of you who have already voted and who are about to go vote!!


  1. Thanks :) Unfortunately I didn't win so will have to hope someone buys it me for Christmas instead! x

  2. Very cute bag!


  3. Thanks chick! Don't think I'll be in the top 3 but gotta try! x

  4. Thanks hun :)
    Don't think I stand a chance of being in the top three but its worth a try! x

  5. Liked :-) I love that it is so personal xx

  6. Voted for you! I love that your bag has such special meanings to you! :) good luck!


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