Looking Back & Looking Forward - September/November

Geez I cannot believe that is November! November makes me so miserable its unbelievable, I think I have SAD! This horrible, dark, cold and damp weather makes me want to do nothing except curl up my in PJs. December makes me a lot happier as then its officially the run down to Christmas! Who would believe that I'm getting married in November next year ha!

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This month I've been loving...

Sleek palette in Graphite. I bought this from Leanne Marie's blog sale a while back but have only recently started using it properly. I'm now in love with it! For me this is the ultimate night out palette. I will be putting a post up with swatches and some looks created using it shortly

Dark Green Velvet Turban. I bought this turban from Dainty Roses a couple of weeks ago, I also bought it in red. I love them both. They are perfect for the miserable weather that I described above! If I go to the firework display Saturday night this will be a must! If you haven't seen my giveaway yet you can win one of these, there is also a special link on my giveaway that entitles my readers to buy two for £10.

Iceland Double Pizza. So naughty but so good. These double pizzas from Iceland are just amazing.

Blog posts...
I need to try and make a rainbow cake after seeing how amazing Gemma's looked!
My friend Ashley has just started a blog. Its really interesting to see another side to him.

The products that I've used in full this month...
Sample of The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter. This smells absolutely divine. Unfortunately the sample was really too small to get a real feel for the product.

Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream from Boudoir Prive. I really loved this. I could feel a difference in my skin when using this. I've never bothered to use a proper night cream before but have now bought some after using this. Unfortunately not this one, at £82 for the full size its a little out of my price range!

ELF HD Powder. I love this product. I actually ordered more last week but haven't received anything yet, must chase them up. My skin is so shiny without using this, its horrific.

Neutrogena Oil-free Moisturiser. This does what it says on the tin. Moisturises the skin without leaving it greasy. I won't be repurchasing though for one simple reason. I hate the packaging. Its too thin so it knocks over easily, and its difficult to get all the product out.

Looking back...
I hit 300 followers! Wow! Thank you all so much!
I've fallen off the diet wagon lately, you may have noticed a lack of posts. I've lost my motivation but must find it somewhere!
I attended the Cardiff Blogger meet which was amazing! I loved seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new people.

Looking forward to...
5.11.11 attending the local fireworks display with Spencer, my sister, her partner and my niece (weather permitting)
18.11.11 a night out in Cardiff to celebrate a close friend's birthday.
19.11.11 another night in Cardiff (not sure I can handle two in a row!) to celebrate a colleagues 30th birthday.
26.11.11 a local night out around Caerleon for a friends hen night. Neon fancy dress. Oh heck!

What are your most memorable moments of October? What are you mostly looking forward to in November?


  1. I'm feeling a little happier about November now that it has finally stopped raining! Today and yesterday were gorgeous days, reminded me of why I'm getting married in November!
    It is depressing leaving the house in the dark and coming home in the dark, makes you feel as though all you're doing is working.
    Thanks for the turban compliment :) x

  2. I need to make myself a rainbow cake! x

  3. They are amazing, naughty but nice :)
    Did you try one after? x

  4. The HD powder really is fab. Let me know how you get on if you make a rainbow cake.
    I need to start wrapping Christmas presents and get myself organised! x

  5. I'm in my winter coat already, I'm such a wimp!
    I hope you enjoyed bonfires last night :)
    The pizza is amazing, we had a shop in Iceland today so very naughtily picked up another one in a different flavour xx

  6. The HD powder is fab. Mine still hasn't arrived so I'm getting annoyed now!
    The turbans are lovely, I wore one last night and it was so warm and cosy x

  7. Hopefully I'll bump into you :) I'm out with work so aren't sure where I'll be going. Which part are you going? xx

  8. I hate how dark it's got all of a sudden too :p makes me so depressed to come home from work in the dark ha-ha. I love that green turban looks gorgeous with pale skin and dark hair :)


  9. I meant to comment on this the other day but my phone wouldn't let me - that pizza looks so good! xx

  10. The pizza just looks so yummy! :P

    Lucy x

  11. My boyfriend was telling me about these double pizzas yesterday and I didn't get what he meant. Now I see! Thy look pretty ace tbh, might be an xfactor & pizza night on Saturday

  12. Here's hoping that November gets a bit colder as I am aching to wear my winter coat! Am really looking forward to Bonfires and Xmas shopping (online of course!). That pizza looks like perfect comfort food! Jen x

  13. Love elfs high definition powder! worried im going to run out now! Love the velvet turban i really want to buy one!

  14. I'm in Cardiff on the 19th... Might see you out! Love the turban :)

    The Deer Head


  15. I want to try and make a rainbow cake too! That HD powder sounds great, I really must get some to try! I'm looking forward to starting my Christmas shopping! x


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