Week in Photos #36

This week has been...

My sister had her scan Thursday and found out that they are having a baby boy! They have a daughter already so this is great news!

Home made peanut butter cups, heaven

Faggots and mushy peas, one of my favourite meals. My boss is from Newcastle and they don't have faggots there, are they just a Welsh thing?

Home made turkey & Stilton burgers :)

I can't have a hangover without a pizza! Iceland double pizza in sweet chilli, a bit too spicy for my liking, but I am a wuss!

Weight Watchers Chicken Curry, 8 Pro Points

Wispa Gold how I love thee

I bought this ring a while back from Glitter and Carousels. I plan on wearing it quite often through Movember.

Advent calenders were two for £3 in Wilkinson's so I had to get some, my friends found it quite amusing that I'm 26 and still have an advent calender! 

Kitty snuggling up in the feet part of my blanket

My hair is so wavy when its wet, but turns into a frizzy mess when dried.

so I straighten it

Currently wearing my 17 Magnetised nail varnish in grey - love it.

The Coca Cola advert was played during the X Factor break on Saturday night, this means that it is now officially Christmas! Time to get excited/panic!

Other non-photographed news:
This post is a day later than usual because I was suffering from a horrific hangover yesterday. My girls night in turned into a bit of a crazy house party when Spencer bought half of the pub back with him! I really need to learn my limit when it comes to alcohol. I seem to think that I am invincible and just carry on drinking! Two bottles of wine and some MOET later I really wasn't invincible! Still suffering today.

How are you all? Have you got up to anything exciting this past week?


  1. I love the effect the magnet creates with the polish! I don't even like peanut butter but those peanut butter cups look amazing! I still have an advent calender too! x

  2. Thanks for the congrats! The food was good :)

    Thanks for the award too! Means a lot xx

  3. hehe it was all good :)
    Thanks for the congrats xx

  4. Its not very pleasant when you know what goes into it! They're meatballs in an amazing sauce, but not very nice bits of meat! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faggot_(food) xx

  5. It will be up shortly :)
    You can't let your sis have one without you, that would be mean! I just love the excuse to have a chocolate every morning! Bring on 1 Dec! x

  6. Its gorgeous isn't it, I always stare at my nails when I have it on!
    The Peanut butter cups were gorgeous!
    Glad to hear I'm not the only adult who has an advent calender! x

  7. I absolutely love faggots! They are one of the best things ever! They actually sell them in a local cafe on a tray for £1 with peas, I think I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow! x

  8. haha no problem at all, you'll just have to move here!
    I will pop a recipe for the peanut butter cups up soon, they were delicious! x

  9. Sorry for making you hungry, especially when you're on your diet!! xx

  10. Yummy, those homemade peanut butter cups look like reese's, my fave! x

  11. Gah, again you make me hungry! My stomach actually is :( The food looks gorgeous! Congrats to your sister. i gave you an award on my blog :)

    Lucy x

  12. So much yummmmmmy foood ha-ha youve made me starving now missy! Congrats to your sis too :) how exciting!


  13. Im afraid to ask..... What is faggot? :S

  14. I need that peanut butter cup recipe! (please :) ) I need to get myself an advent calendar (though my excuse is that my sister gets one and it's not fair if I don't as well!

  15. No, they're definitely not just a Welsh thing - we have faggots here! & finally, I've found someone else who likes them! I was beginning to think I was the only person in the world, aha!

  16. Oh my god Leanne can you please feed me from now on?! Please post a recipe for peanut butter cups soon, they're my favourite ever treat :) xxx

  17. I'm in work and really hungry food looks sooooo good mmmmm x


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