Week in Photos #39

This week has been...

I decided to have a pampering day on Sunday. I started with the Vinies Luminous face mask that I received in this month's Boudoir Prive. Thankfully I didn't have the bad reaction that a lot of people did. On me it worked well, my skin felt really nice and plump afterwards.
I then decided to take my Christmas Cupcake Yankee Candle into the bathroom and have a relaxing jacuzzi bath with the Dead Sea Magik Bath salts that I received in this month's GlossyBox. The bath salts are lovely and seemed to help reduce the redness from my spots which are awful at the moment.
I always used my Rahua shampoo and conditioner samples from Boudoir Prive which left my hair feeling lovely.
So yeah, I had a good beauty box day which left my skin feeling lovely and me feeling relaxed!

I dug out these slipper socks that I had for Christmas last year. I completely forgot that I had them! Am loving wearing them again.
I've also been living in my fleecy Primark PJs.
and loving my new Glade candle in Chocolate & Honey

Tesco had these on offer for £1 so I had to buy them. And eat them all.

 Baked potato with tuna, salt, pepper, vinegar and leeks. Spencer thought I was odd putting raw leeks with this, until he tried it, then he agreed that it tasted just like tuna and spring onion.
 I recently received some Iceland vouchers which included one to get one of their £1 pizzas for free! We choose the chicken fajita and it was lovely.
The vouchers also included money off Birdseye's new baked to perfection range. This is the Haddock with mashed potato. It was gorgeous. So lemony and just full of taste.
 Spencer was off work on strike on Wednesday. I told him to make tea as I was working all day. He bought an Indian instead, I wasn't complaining!
Leek & Potato soup with cheese on toast soldiers. NOM.
 I had a random craving for eggy bread yesterday. Its not something I have very often but I really fancied it. I decided to put two pieces of bacon in between two pieces of eggy bread. It was lovely.
I finally made my Herman cake :) I put loads of chocolate in him and he really is delicious!

The Primark shoes I showed you in this haul post, this is them now. Buying Primark shoes to wear everyday for work probably wasn't one of my best ideas! I had lovely wet feet from these on Tuesday, they are now in the bin!

I'm guessing that there is a Christmas theme for this wedding - exciting!

I put my Christmas tree up on Friday. I love Christmas and putting the tree up gets me so excited!

Other non-photographed goings on...

I was relieved to see Janet leave the X Factor last Sunday. I loved her when she first auditioned and I do still love her voice. She has just seemed as though she doesn't want to be there any more though and I think that there are other people more worthy to be in the final than her. I hope that Mischa B goes tonight. My favourites by a mile are Little Mix. I would love to see them win!

I have increased my hours in work, from 9-5 to 8:30 - 5:30. I'm coping surprisingly well with it! I have difficult getting up in the mornings usually so am shocked at how well I've adapted to this change.

Spencer and I went shopping after work on Monday. In my lunchtime I picked up a Glade Chocolate & Honey candle from Wilkinsons. When I met him in Tesco he'd already been around a few aisles and had also picked up the same candle! Match made in heaven! (They were on offer in both shops which is why we were drawn to them, but, out of all the flavours we both picked the same!)

Spencer almost had his car door ripped off on Monday when we got home from shopping! We live in a narrow road that has parking on both sides of the street. I sat in the car as an ambulance went past followed by a car. I then opened the door to get out. As I was about to close the door the car that had passed started to reverse back into the door! I didn't have time to close the door so tried to yell at him, it was too late. The door went back a lot further than it should have. Thankfully no major damage was done. It turned out the ambulance started reversing on the guy in the car, so he quickly reversed out of the way and into the door. I was really quite shaken up and so was the driver.

I've been considering following blogs via Bloglovin' instead of GFC for a while now. I've recently heard that GFC is ending in March, so this has kick started me into action! I'm starting to follow blogs via Bloglovin' where I can and unfollow via GFC so that I don't miss anyone (hopefully!). If I un-follow you that is why, I'm still there, just through a different platform!

I went to a local craft fair today, there were some lovely items there. We were quite annoyed that we'd already bought our Christmas presents as there were some lovely gifts there. I bought myself a honey and lemon bath bomb which smells amazing! Can't wait to use it!

What have you been up to this week? Who would you like to see leave X Factor tonight and who is your favourite to win the whole thing?


  1. lol, couldn't resist a cheesy face mask pic!
    Thanks for your comment xx

  2. It is rather annoying! I need to get myself some nice warm flat black boots ready for the ice and snow! x

  3. It really is freezing all of a sudden! I like Marcus but I do find him a little boring, he is too nice! x

  4. I never usually have baths because with it being a jacuzzi bath it can be a right pain to clean if you don't use it for a while. I'm trying to make it a weekly thing as I do enjoy it when I'm in there!
    I'm very well lovely lady, hope you are too :) xx

  5. omg lol leanne you actual legend for posting that photo of you with the mask on!! love all the food photos, as per ;) xxx

  6. Aww no, how annoying that your shoes broke :( I have some basic Primark work shoes too, they're not faring well, I keep meaning to chuck some basic ballet flats in my bag just in case!x

  7. I need to get some slipper boots, it's got so chilly! I really want Marcus to win the X Factor! x

  8. I want to dive into your bath right this instant! Tehe! We only have showers in our home and I constantly crave a nice long soak in the bath. Hope you are well lady x

  9. I got the candle from Wilkinsons and they also had them in Tesco.
    Primark is a gamble.
    Happy new week to you too! xx

  10. I'm quite enjoying using bloglovin' its a lot easier and cleaner than blogger x

  11. They are so expensive but so yummy :)
    The Glade candles are lovely and a lot cheaper too.
    So glad that Misha went!
    I think Amelia seems to have a bit of a 'tude! x

  12. Every time I read one of your week in photos posts in the end I'm hungry. Choc and honey smelling candle sounds yummy as well, I'll hunt it down...
    With Primark things it's always a hit or miss... Booo for the shoes :(
    The tree looks fab decorated...
    Happy new week!

  13. I think your safe with gfc, only non blogger blogs are loosing the gfc :)
    Your food is always so yummy!


  14. I am longing to try out some Yankee candles! I can't afford to buy any at the moment though :( I also wanted those fleecy Primark pants in Navy but every time I went into Primark they were sold out in my size! Unlucky for me...
    All that food looks so tasty, it's a good thing my dinner is nearly ready haha.
    I also want Misha B to leave X Factor tonight. I never usually like the bands, but I actually think Little Mix are really good! So I either want them to win or Marcus, he was born to be an entertainer! I'm not really a fan of Amelia's attitude.

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__


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