2011 in Photos

I saw Lisa's year in photos and thought it was a brilliant idea so decided to copy it a little! I've searched through my facebook to bring to you at least one photo from every month in 2011 - as my week in photos posts seem quite popular I thought this would be a nice post to do.

Who : Me, my sister and Stacey.
What : A meal in Cardiff Bay followed by a few drinks for Emma's birthday.

Who : Work colleagues
What : It was Lisa's 40th birthday and Lisa loves Pirates. We all dressed up as Pirates, Lisa had the lovely surprise of wearing a big parrot suit! We went on a speed boat around Cardiff Bay, followed by a treasure hunt (aka beer hunt) around Cardiff and a buffet in O'Neills.

Who : Sarah and me
What : This is one of many all dayers for the Six Nations. I do stupid poses with shots when I'm drunk, so cool :-/

Who : Spencer and me
What : My birthday :) This isn't the best photo of us two but its the only one of us both. Spencer took me out for lunch followed by a visit to White Castle, it was a really lovely day.
Who : Emma and me
What : A colleagues hen weekend in Swansea. We had a brilliant time and gave her a good send off!
Who : Matt Cardle
What : My sister and I bought our mam tickets for the X Factor tour for her birthday. We went to the CIA to watch it and had really good seats. It was a fun evening and my mam thoroughly enjoyed herself.
Who : The Gang (too many to name)
What : Mine and Spencer's first barbecue of 2011.
Who : ????
What : The girls arranged a lovely garden party for my birthday. It was amazing. There was bunting all along my garden, amazing food, Pimms, birthday cake. I was spoilt.
Who : ???
What : The Royal Wedding. They had a street party in my area so I went up, it was really good. A hog roast, DJ and bouncy castles for the kids.

Who : Far too many people to name, me and the girls
What : May sees my sister's birthday and the traditional May Day bank holiday all dayer to celebrate Gemma's birthday. We had (very early) pre-drinks at my sister's house and then went onto Cardiff.
Who : Spencer and me
What : We took a little caravan break to the Isle of White in June. Awful photo, but once again the only one I have of us both!

Who : ????
What : Spencer and me took a trip to London to see Glee at the O2. We had a brilliant time and the concert was amazing.

Who : Kirsty, Gemma (my sister), me, Sarah & Sadie
What : We went to Ponty's Big Weekend for a cheap day out. The Wanted were headling. Its mainly for kids but we had a great laugh.

Who : Bee, Lyzi, Stephanie, Gina, Sian, me, Kate, Sammy, Kim, Lily, Gemma, Laura and Rosie
What : The SW Blogger Meet. My first ever blogger meet and the first time that I met all these lovely ladies, most of whom I got to see again this Friday just gone :)  I hope to get to see all of these again soon.
Who : Laura, Faye, Aisling, Zoe, me, Kirsti and Scarlett
What : The London meet, I had a brilliant day in London with these guys and can't believe that it was so long ago! August was ages ago, I need to see them again!

Who : Charli, Leanne-Marie, Catherine, me and Sadie
What : This was the Cardiff Ethical Fashion Show. This again meant meeting some lovely ladies. I need to see them all again soon.

Who : The South Wales Blogging ladies
What : The South Wales Blogger Meet. St David's held a lovely event for us featuring some of their fantastic stores. We then went over to O'Neills for a buffet, yum. Again, I made some lovely friends and caught up with some familiar faces.
Who : Kirsty, me and Becki
What : A trip to Swansea with my ladies :) We don't look the best here but we were pretty drunk by this point!
Who : me
What : Spencer and I took a trip to Cadburys world in Birmingham. We visited The Bullring when we were there. We stayed over night and had a fantastic weekend celebrating our 1 year engagement anniversary.
Who : Sally, me & Kam
What : A trip to Cardiff to watch the live screening of Wales v Australia and I met Kam and Sally off the radio! If you aren't from South Wales you may have no idea who they are, but if you live around here I'm sure you will have heard of them.

Who : Lucy, me, Claire, Carla, Natalie & Kirsty
What : Pre-drinks at mine before heading into Caerleon for Jodie's hen night. The first time I'd done fancy dress in quite a while, felt like a bit of a prat at first but as the drink kicked in I loved it!

photo from My Street Chic's facebook
Who : Vicky, Gina, me & Sammy
What : The My Street Chic Bristol event that took place on Friday. Amazing girls again, amazing cocktails, amazing night. I really loved this and am still buzzing from an amazing weekend. I want to do it all again, now.

I really enjoyed looking back over my year and I hope you did too. I've had some amazing times with some amazing people and this has really made me realise just how lucky I am. If 2012 is anywhere near as good as this it will be good. Hopefully it will be better because it involves my Wedding!


  1. Aww what a lovely post Leanne :) Im so jealous of all the blogger meets you have gone to! x

  2. What a fab idea, I love it! Looks like you've had a fun year too xx

  3. aw a lovely blog post hun :)
    Love looking through every ones photos, and have a look into their lives xx

  4. Looks like a fab year :D Next year I shall go to a blogger meet up :D But Im still new :P


  5. Thanks :) I am lucky to have gone to so many meets x

  6. Its awesome isn't it :) It has been great x

  7. Glad you enjoyed it :) I love having a nosey too xx

  8. Next year I shall meet you! You're flying for a newbie so don't worry about it! x


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