They Say They've Got Nine Lives...

Of course I’m talking about cats. Spencer and I have two beautiful cats, Flick and Kitty. We have no children so basically treat these two like our daughters! We spoil them and pamper them and want the best for them. Flick, aka, ninja cat is quite a daredevil, she has been known to escape from bedroom windows and jump onto people’s porches. Kitty is just very clumsy. As a result pet insurance is high on our list of priorities.

We’ve never had to use our pet insurance but feel safe in the knowledge that we have it in place just in case, because, as we all know, vets bills can be quite harsh. If Flick continues with these drinking habits we may have a huge bill for removing a glass from her head one day! Thankfully our insurance will cover that!

I hope that my neighbour has insurance for her newest addition! As the saying goes ‘curiosity killed the cat’.

What are your views on pet insurance? Do you like to live peacefully in the knowledge that you have something in place or just hope that you never need to worry about that?

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  1. I think pet insurance is absolutely essential, vet bills can be massively high. Unfortunately for my last cat, the only thing we used it for was to get him cremated :( still, it would have cost us £150 so it was comforting to know that it would be covered for.
    I now have 2 kittens and they are also insured! xxxx

  2. We don't have it, it was quite a cheap quote for our Collie cross dog but for our King Charles they wanted over £20 a month so we put that money into savings instead and after 5 years he's only needed to get a perscription once for a skin complaint other than the usual jabs etc. Mind you dogs are very different that Cats.

  3. I bought pet insurance for my cats right away, but thankfully haven't had to use it yet. I dread the moment when I get back to US, where pet insurance is not as popular/affordable as it is in the UK. I'm really hoping that in 1.5 years things will change, but I don't count on it :(

  4. Its sad that you had to use the insurance for that reason, but its also very good that it covers it. Vets are ridiculously expensive.
    Jealous of your two kittens, I love kittens! xx

  5. They are very different. We considered putting ours into a savings account at first but then we only pay something like £8 a month and were very worried that if we did that and something happened within the first year we'd have no where near enough in the savings x

  6. Its a shame that its too expensive in the US but like you say, things may well change in 1.5 years - fingers crossed x

  7. :O My cat is black and white and called Kittie as well (but spelt with "ie" at the end haha)! And she is also very clumsy, she has been to the vets too many times for hurting herself when jumping/ falling off things! I have pet insurance for her aswell, it definitely reassures us.

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  8. thank you for swinging by my blog :) the onesie outing was a definite success, but students can get away with wearing anything outside practically :P

    you have adorable cats, im more of a dog person but i know if i get one i'll spoil it rotten and probably fail my degree!


  9. haha must be something about black & white kittys! Mine somehow hasn't actually injured herself yet, no idea how! x

  10. No problemo :) I wish I was a student so I could get away with wearing onsies!

    My cats are lil sweeties fair dos! Save the dog until you've graduated! x


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