I've been shopping...Primark & New Look Haul January 2012

I haven't had a good shopping trip in ages. This one wasn't particularly good either as most of it is going back. I thought I'd give you a little peek at what I bought before taking it back.

Flamingo Print Shirt £10. I absolutely love the print on this, the problem that I have with it is that it rises up over my belly when I lift my hands up! I'm wondering if its actually meant to be a cropped top? I do love it though so may try it in the size up and see if I have better luck with that one / if its any longer.

Weekender Bag £5 - sale. This is a keeper, I love it. It also helped me avoid the 5p carrier bag tax that we have in Wales as I was able to put all my purchases in this :)

Feather Earings £1.50. These are another keeper. So pretty :)

Aztec Mutli Wrap Bracelet £1 - sale. This too is a keeper. Perfect arm candy bracelet.

Pink Crochet Lace Skater Dress £13. I love this, the colour and the button back detail are gorgeous. The problem I have is that it is just too short for me. I'd want to wear something under it and as its a summer dress I wouldn't want to be stuck wearing black tights. Any suggestions other than leggings?

New Look
Pink Coloured Skinny Jeans £16.99. My camera did not want to pick up the gorgeous colour of these jeans. They are an amazing pale pink colour, the link to the site shows the colour more accurately. I don't usually shop in New Look so wasn't really sure of the sizing. I'm a 14 in most shops so picked these up in a 14, they are quite a lot small on me! I am going to exchange these for a 16 and really, really hope that they fit okay because they are such a lovely colour.

Multi Coloured Chevron Earings £4.99. I had £20 worth of vouchers so had to find something to bump the price up so that I could finish my vouchers up. These are adorable.

Jewellery aside not a very successful shopping trip, all of the clothes are either being exchanged for different sizes or being refunded :( I hate shopping trips like this, reiterates the fact that I really should try things on in the shop! 

What have you been purchasing lately? Do you tend to try things on in the shop or risk it like me?


  1. I absolutely love those earrings that you got from New Look, I'm going to have to see if I can hunt them down in store near me. That pink Primark dress is gorgeous too, I was eyeing it up the other day.

    Frances x
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    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. I like the pink dress! Maybe you could wear cycling shorts underneath? I've seen some nice lace - trim ones.

  3. Love your haul, payday can't come soon enough!

  4. If you don't manage to track them down let me know, I'll see if I can get another pair and post them to you.
    The dress is gorgeous but just too short :( x

  5. Thanks for your suggestion, I may well give this a go! x

  6. Same here, I've spent all my money now ha x

  7. Great buys I was in Primark today!!! xx

  8. Aww I love the lace dress. I'm usually quite a good judgeof size and I usually try stuff on to be sure. XXx

  9. I love the last pair of earrings! I have the crochet dress but usually wear it with black tights so I can't be of much help I'm afraid! xxx

  10. Oooh they are so gorgeous! Maybe wear a pair of 'biker shorts' under the dress? x

  11. I love the bad and top! Gorgeous buys! :)


  12. The lace dress is so so pretty! Shame it's a bit short though, and I find that a lot of lace clothing shrinks even more in the wash. That other primark dress that we both have has shrunk loads and the slip on mine is now way longer than the dress : /


  13. Ahh I went and bought a few items from Primark today! 2 blouses and a vest top, plus a pair of leggings. I am particularly liking their blouses this year! I tried on the white version of your pink dress a while back, it's quite nice but was too big for me and they didn't have the size down at the time. Might have to see if they have my size on my next visit. xx

  14. You got some lovely things! Those jeans were a bargain, hope you get the ones you need. xx


  15. Adorable! Oh my that dress. Uh, if you like the 50s look you could put a slightly longer frilly skirt underneath? Or shorts can look sweet. Also I am rather confused as to why your comments are saying you've commented on your own blog about 20 times...? :p haha xx

  16. A pair of purple tights would look nice with the dress. I know you said you didn't want leggings but maybe a pair of cropped white leggings with sandals would look nice in the summer?
    Love the New Look earrings!


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