Review : Illamasqua Volume Mascara, Nocturnal

I picked this Illamasqua mascara up ages ago and completely forgot that I had it. I came across it during a clear out and decided to try it out. I've not tried any Illamasqua mascaras before this.

blog review of Illamasqua volume mascara in Nocturnal brown

When I bought this I didn't actually realise that it was a brown shade. I stupidly assumed that it was black. It is a shame that this isn't made a little more clear on the packaging.

close up photo of brush of illamasqua volume mascara in nocturnal
swatch of Illamasqua Volume Mascara, Nocturnal - brown

The shade isn't actually too bad considering it was an error, its no where near as dark as the blackest black that I would usually go for but its okay.

application of Illamasqua Volume Mascara, Nocturnal

This isn't the most dramatic mascara that I have ever tried, which came as a shock to me as I associate Illamasqua as being over exaggerated and dramatic - not in this case.

The formula of this mascara is quite dry which means no smudging and easy application. It doesn't provide great volume but does lift my lashes quite nicely.

This mascara doesn't provide quite enough 'oomph' for me to wear on evenings but I will use this for a more natural day time look.

I have experienced no clumping or flaking.


  1. looks good for work and you can't go wrong for a fiver!

    1. My work mascara has dried up so this will be an ideal replacement, and like you say, can't go wrong for £5! x

  2. Not too bad for a fiver! If your looking for a good mascara I'd recommend Benefit - 'They're Real' It's amazing! Pricey but worth it! x

    1. Not bad at all :) I'm currently using my Smashbox mascara for nights out which I absolutely love. Will have to try the Benefit one at some point x


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