NOTD : MUA Love Hearts Collection, LOVE U 24/7

Blog review of MUA love hearts range nail varnish swatch LOVE U 24/7

This lovely nail varnish is another item from MUA's Love Hearts range*. I received two of their nail varnishes, unfortunately one of them arrived damaged. I have checked their website and the terms state that if an item is received damaged they will refund it in full along with the postage costs.

MUA love hearts range U ROK nail varnish with damaged brush
 Deformed U ROK, shame as its such a pretty shade.

MUA love hearts range nail varnish LOVE U 24/7
LOVE U 24/7, again such a pretty shade.

one coat of MUA LOVE U 24/7 nail varnish
 One coat of LOVE U 24/7, almost opaque just a few streaks.

two coats of mua love hearts range nail varnish LOVE U 24/7
Two coats of LOVE U 24/7, perfect.

The nail varnish dries quickly and applies well. I've worn it all day in work today and it has stayed put, this may not seem like much to most but for me this is quite impressive. I type with my nails so almost always have tip wear after a day in the office.

the full range of MUA Love hearts nail varnish
The full range

The MUA Love Heart nail collection comes in six different shades and is available in Superdrug stores or on-line from MUA Store.

These nail varnishes cost just £2.

PS. Apologies for the terrible state of my nails.


  1. Thats weird I bought a bottle of there regular line nail polish a few months back & it had the same 'deformity' as your one! Luckily I emailed them & they very kindly sent me out a new bottle :)

    1. That is very odd! Thankfully their customer service is spot on x

  2. Love this range!! I think ima have to buy some!

    The Deer Head


    1. It'd be rude not to at this price x

  3. Ohh!! Some seriously cute shades there!

    1. So pretty :) I need to get myself some more x

  4. My MUA Love Hearts polish was in that state too, pretty disappointed. Even more so when they didn't respond to my emails!
    The colour is super pretty though!


    1. Such a shame when they turn up like that. Have you tried tweeting them? I know they had problems with their emails a while back x


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