May Empties

June. Crazy stuff. My Wedding is fast approaching!

In May I concentrated on trying to use up sample sized products, I did quite well but could have used more.

 Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser. This is a fine moisturiser, nice and light. Unfortunately it failed on the claim to control my shine, though I don't think any product ever will be able to control that! Re-purchase? Yes.

 Olavie Antioxidant Body Butter from August Boudoir Prive. The packaging for this sample was awful, the bottle was hard which meant that I couldn't get the entire contents out. I gave up in the end. This was a lovely moisturiser and smelt good. Re-purchase? At £43.55 its a big fat no.

Rosa Fina Eye Cream Sachets. I actually got a lot of use out of these sachets. I enjoyed using these sachets and they did make the skin around my eyes feel smoother and softer. Re-purchase? Yes.

Salcura Natural Moisturising Cream sachet. I applied for a few samples from Salcura a while ago as I suffer with terrible dry legs which itch as a result of the dryness. I didn't feel that this did any more to relieve the itching than any normal moisturiser does. Re-purchase? No.

Crabtree & Evelyn Body Souffle & Body Lotion sachets. Both of these were beautiful. The scents were gorgeous and they left my skin feeling lovely. Re-purchase? Yes.

Avon Frosted Swirls Winter Bloom Perfume. This is a beautiful scent but didn't seem to have much lasting power. Re-purchase? No.

Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner. This didn't seem to do much more than a everyday conditioner. Re-purchase? No.

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum from March GlossyBox. I enjoyed using this. My skin felt nice and plump after using this. I am really quite impressed with it. Re-purchase? Unfortunately not as I can't afford the £60 price tag!

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Agree about the Olavie packaging - stoopid! Liked the product though x

    1. It was so annoying that I ended up resenting the product lol x

  2. I love that you tell us if you repurchase the product or not again. It makes it more honest which is great especially in a review :) xo

  3. so hard to get the Olavie butter out, I agree!

  4. I'm terrible Leanne, I still haven't managed to do a single empties post because just buy too much. What will you repurchase? :)
    Eek, the way the months are going your wedding will be here super super soon :D


    1. i've seen your hauls and can imagine that you struggle to finish anything lol
      The Wedding will be here before I know, scary times! x

  5. I keep forgetting to keep my empties to round them up for a post! I got one of those AVON purse sprays in their sale brochure for £1.75 in frosted berries and I have to agree, it's lovely at first but then, you don't seem to be able to smell a thing later on in the day.
    And it doesn't last long, nearly empty after two weeks, even with me using other perfumes. For £1.75, spose I can't grumble but don't think I'd get it again either.

    1. Its such a shame when perfumes don't last, it was cheap but not cheerful enough for my liking lol x

  6. check out my latest blogpost, my may empties post!
    thanks a lot xx


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