Flip Flops For Bad Backs

Flip flops for bad backs

You’re thinking about buying a pair of flip flops but worried that they’re bad for your back: that they don’t give your feet enough support or offer cushioning for your soles. Don’t worry; there are flip flops available that can do all of those things, provided that you follow a few golden rules.

Seek out flip flops with cushioning

A few years ago cushioned flip flops were only available in a few specialist outlets and formed somewhat of a niche market. Not so these days. Cushioned flip flops are everywhere, with most of the top brands offering soft padded soles with extended support for your ankles and arches.

Try out a few different varieties and try to find the pair that feel the most comfortable for you. An extremely versatile sandal, these supportive flip flops will compliment anything in your wardrobe or suitcase and, most importantly, will make sure your feet and legs stay comfortable and well looked after.

Limit your usage

If you do suffer from a bad back and you find flip flops uncomfortable, be sensible about how much you wear them. Try to keep a tab on how long you spend in flip flops each day and plan ahead to make sure that your activities for the day will not be too strenuous.  

If you’re on holiday and you know you’re going to be walking in the hills or visiting a mountain villa somewhere, then wear more supportive shoes that will cover your foot to prevent injury. If you’re on the beach or taking a gentle stroll, then a good pair of flip flops will keep you cool and provide the perfect summer footwear.

Try t-bars as opposed to thongs

There are several types of flip flops. Some styles come use small straps and buckles such as T-bars instead of thongs to support your feet. Technically, they’re more like sandals, but are also available in waterproof materials that won’t get wrecked on the beach while you’re walking about.

While thongs may wobble and slip across your feet, t-bars are certain to keep them thoroughly in place, providing maximum comfort and minimum worry.

Stay flat

Many high and mid-heeled flip fops are available this season. If you have any complications whatsoever with your feet or back, then stick to flats. They look great dressed up for the evenings and won’t compromise you style.

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  1. I must admit I am not a flip flop fan I would only really wear them on the beach. Great post though x

    1. I love flip flops and probably wear them too much! x


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