Review : Accessorize Fibre Lengthening Mascara

 Accessorize Fibre Lengthening Mascara - Ultra Black £5.95*

Full, fluttering lashes can now be achieved without irritating falsies using the NEW Fibre Lengthening Mascara from Accessorize. This innovative Mascara has been expertly designed to ensure the ideal amount of fibres is transferred to the silicone wand, giving you bigger, longer lashes. When applied with the supple multi-comb wand, tiny fibres within the formula adhere to the lashes to lengthen and thicken from root to the tips without clumping.

The packaging of this mascara, as with all Accessorize products is lovely. Is it just me or does it look more like a pretty pen than a mascara?

The wand is really stiff and hard which prevents the eyelashes from clumping together but pulls through them easily.

left eye with mascara, right eye without
The mascara is really, really black which I love! It coats the lashes well and the wand makes it incredibly easy to reach the smaller, more awkward lashes. As you can see it doesn't actually make that much of a difference. I like my mascara to give me a lot of volume and unfortunately this one just doesn't do that. I certainly won't be replacing my falsies for this, but I will be using this mascara for a natural, day time look.

eugh, grey hair alert!!
Accessorize Fibre Lengthening Mascara is available to buy from Superdrug & Accessorize stores.


  1. I'm pleasantly surprised by the Accessorize range, my sister bought me the volumising mascara not too long ago and I love it. It has thicker bristles than the lengthening mascara, which coat and separate my lashes brilliantly :)

    1. I've been impressed with a lot of the products, I'll have to try the volumising mascara as I prefer extra volume to length x

  2. Been wanting to try a fibre mascara for a while... Great review!! Xx

  3. Great review hun, the packaging of this mascara is so cute!! Like you said this is perfect for an everyday mascara :)


    1. Thanks :) The packaging is too cute x

  4. You're such an enabler! I don't even need a new mascara for the daytime but I may just have to get this!xo


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