Review : Famous Brow Addict

Fully equipped with two brow powders in a cool and warm tone so you can get the exact match, this handbag-friendly palette also comes with mini tweezers, a double-ended brush, brow wax and highlighting powder for long-lasting, perfectly preened brows.

I love the packaging of this little compact, its so tacky which is right up my street! I love a bit of animal print! The kit itself is real nice and compact, the mini tweezers are a lovely touch. The only downside for me is that the palette is possibly a bit too compact, when picking up the tweezers I tend to get wax all over me!

top to bottom
 The darker brown is actually the perfect match for me which is great as I can't be-bothered with faffing around mixing colours. I know, I'm lazy.

The wax really helps to tame unruly eyebrows (like mine!) and does hold them in place. The wax does wear off throughout the day but my eyebrows still stay pretty much in shape. The powder lasts right through to the evening.

The tilted brush is perfect for applying the powder, one end of the brush is firmer than the other. The tweezers are so cute and actually aren't that bad to use. I wouldn't use the tweezers on a regular basis but they are great for taking away and using for emergencies. I think the Brow Addict kit is a handbag essential.

Famous Brow Addict is currently on sale for the reduced price of £3.99


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    1. Hi, here is the link http://famousmakeup.co.uk/index.php/eyes/brow-kit-9.html

  2. how can i resist a brow kit with a zebra pattern on it. i love this
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. It would be pretty difficult to resist such pretty packaging to be fair x

  3. This looks awesome for the price. Too bad they don't have that brand in Australia


  4. Ive been seeing this a lot, really like the shades in it! Defintiely going to look into making a few famous product purchases x

    1. Based in this alone I really recommend them and look forward to trying out more of their stuff x

  5. the tweezers and brow brush they give you are exactly the same as the mua kit and the pigmentation and colours are also similiar! And the MUA one is £3 good review : )



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