Review : Oh! Organics Melissa Toner & Moisturiser

Oh! Oraganics are a British firm who pride themselves in using ingredients as natural and local as possible. They kindly sent me some products to try, I have been using these for a while now and am ready to share my thoughts with you guys.

I received two sample posts of the Melissa moisturiser and a bottle of the Melissa toner.

The moisturiser is very heavily floral scented which is great for me as I love a nice fragranced moisturiser, if you aren't too keen on heavily scented facial moisturisers unfortunately this isn't for you.

The cream sinks into the skin nicely and doesn't leave it feeling greasy, you're good to apply your make-up pretty much straight after using this. I suffer with greasy skin, this hasn't decreased the grease but it hasn't increased it either which a lot of moisturisers do. I also have quite a lot of dry patches, these have visibly reduced since using this moisturiser.

The toner comes with a pump which is great, you can either spray it onto your cotton wool and use as you would a regular toner or you can spray it direct onto your face for a refresher during the day. The toner is made from flower waters and has a slight scent but isn't too heavily scented. It is alcohol free.

I don't tend to use a toner because most that I've tried have left my skin, particularly the cheek area, feeling dry and tight. This toner didn't dry my skin at all, if anything it left it feeling more moisturised. 

I was pleased to discover that Oh! Organics are actually very local to me, based in Cardiff.

You can order two sample pots of Oh! Organics moisturiser to trial for free.
The full size jar of moisturiser (60ml) retails at £24 and the toner (50ml) retails at £7.50.

You can view these products and the entire Melissa product range here.


  1. Seems lovely, hate overly scented products though! Would appreciate if you visited my blog :) x

    1. The moisturiser wouldn't be right for you then.
      I'll check out you blog now. x

  2. The toner sounds great, the moisturiser is quite pricey! But it sounds wonderful :)


    1. It is quite expensive but also nice and luxurious :) x

  3. Looks like they do some great products

    1. they do and they are such a lovely firm x


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