Monthly Treats : The Confessions of a financially unstable female #7

I haven't posted a decent haul for a while, until now. I have gone a little mad this month!

I bought the artificial nail remover in the hope that it would remove my gel nails as I couldn't find any acetone in my local town. I'm not sure if you're actually meant to use this for gel nails though? It seemed to help the removal process a little.

The Soap & Glory set was a spur of the moment "its on sale and I have points on my card" purchase, it was only £5 which I think is a complete bargain. Unfortunately it won't fit on my bathroom sink which is where I wanted it, it is now on the kitchen windowsill by the sink in there.

My lovely vintage bottles that I bought on my day out in Chepstow.

Two separate Debenhams orders here. First up I ordered the Benefit mini set, I've enjoyed using it so much that I went on to purchase a back up cleanser. The perfume and body lotion came free. The perfume is gorgeous, I'm quite tempted to buy this but have already spent too much this month!

I love a good IKEA trip :) I bought this flower to go in one of my vintage bottles, I wasn't sure it would fit so only bought one to go on with, now that I know it does I may buy another two next time I'm there. A random potato peeler, I haven't tried using it yet so can't comment! New bedding :) I love this bedding, I have it in white already and have wanted the blue for a while now. I love IKEA bedding as the double covers come with four cushion covers instead of the usual two.

I bought these boots in black a while back, I had a New Look gift card so couldn't resist these, the jeans were also bought with a gift card. I've hardly taken the jeans off since buying them, they are super comfy.

More gift card buys, this time from Superdrug. I've already reviewed the lipstick and the blue fur-effects, I'll get the others up shortly.

This was my first Primark trip of the year. I've wanted this throw for ages but didn't want to pay £15, I saw it reduced to £10 and snapped it up. 

My second Primark trip of the year, loads of bargains! The dress has had a fair few compliments, no one can believe that it came from Primark.

I ordered these from dotcomgiftshop via eBay, the items are gorgeous and I am now slightly obsessed with their stuff.

Other eBay buys include this gorgeous candle from this seller, this Jane Norman dress that I managed to snap up for £16 and some studs from this seller in readiness to attack my Converse! The dress is too small for me at the moment, I'm not sure whether to keep it and try and loose weight or stick it back on eBay.


  1. Ohh I love a good shopping spree!
    You have the same shoes as me and the glittery boots :)
    Charli @ Charli-dot-dot-dot.blogspot.com


  2. soooo many lovely thing! that bedding is gorgeous, cant believe its ikea!

    1. It is lovely, I really like IKEA for bedding. x

  3. I say stick the dress on ebay and get something else. I have a whole wardrobe of clothes that don't fit that I need to clear out x

    1. I know what you're saying but I may keep it, I need to loose the weight that I've gained since the Wedding and this may inspire me. x

  4. I love that throw xx


  5. Heading to Primark as soon as possible. You always spot the nicest things!!
    Lucy at Lucyy Writes x

    1. I do love a good Primark spree! I hope you manage to find whatever it is that caught your eyes. x


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