Review : Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Mulberry

Awaken your make-up with a True Colour Lipstick. Get high impact lips with our vitamin E enriched lipstick in a selection of matte and sheen finishes.

Left - just Mulberry lipstick  Right - applied over Vaseline

I've been debating investing in a dark lipstick for a while but have always wimped out, they scare me. I had some vouchers for Christmas and saw this for £4.99 so decided to get over my fear and try it out. I'm surprised by it, I actually quite like it. It isn't as scary on as it looks. 

I prefer to wear it over the top of Vaseline as it can be quite drying on the lips and cling to dry patches. Popping it on over Vaseline resolves both of these issues and tones it down slightly. This does lessen the wear time. 

Without Vaseline the lipstick lasts really well, it even survived my Chilli Con Carne with minimal fading.

I like the packaging its, well, nice and sleek actually! Nothing cheap looking about it as far as I'm concerned.  The only downside with it is that it will pick up grubby fingerprints. 

For me this is just a Winter colour, I wouldn't consider wearing it in the Summer.

Sleek True Colour lipsticks are priced at £4.99 and are available on-line from sleekmakeup.com and Superdrug stores.

Have you embraced your inner goth and tried a dark lipstick like this?


  1. this is such a gorgeous colour on you xo

    1. Thanks Laura :) I'm glad that I got over my fear! x

  2. oooh nice and a bit sassy ;)


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