Week in Photos 101

We've been quite naughty this week, for a change....
We went to Toby Carvery on Monday evening which was delicious, it was a lovely change to go out for food on a Monday as Monday's are always the worse day.
On Tuesday we went up my cousin's house from work and didn't leave until about 8 which made passing the chippy on the way home too tempting to resist!
I'm loving the Cadburys Mini Egg yoghurts, delicious.
Spencer wanted to get to town before the Mother's Day madness started yesterday which meant that we didn't have time to make breakfast. Instead we had a lovely breakfast in a cafe.

I'm not doing the Clean Eating diet but know loads of people who are. After seeing Meatzas everywhere I couldn't resist trying my own, it was delicious. Mine was loosely based on this recipe.
I made French toast this morning, I wanted strawberries and bananas on it but didn't have any so instead I had icing sugar and chocolate chips. It was quite special.
I made my second ever roast dinner today. My gravy was a little lumpy, I cannot get the knack of making gravy from scratch, it still tasted delicious though and I really enjoyed it.
I've been naughty and eaten an Easter Egg already.

This Pink Honeysuckle Yankee Candle is amazing.
It was super foggy one morning in the week.
My latest eBay goodies arrived on Saturday, love them so much. Both have been included in previous eBay watch list posts.
Prettying up my bedroom a step at a time, added this heart sign to the curtain rail yesterday.

Another item featured in an eBay watch list post. My geek tee. A little overdone now but I don't care, I like it.

photos by Paul Adams
We finally got around to picking the photos for our Wedding album, I'm super excited to receive it now as the proofs look fab.

We stumbled upon the most amazing cupcake van in town yesterday. I had the Red Velvet cupcake and Spencer had the muffin. Both were amazing and we may have picked up another four today...


  1. Looks like you have had a pretty yummy week and its making me hungry!! xx

    1. It was yummy, here is to another yummy week! x

  2. Oh my, a cupcake van!? That sounds like a dream job. I want to be them!? Another delicious week in Leanne land! Making us all hungry.
    Lucy x

    1. It is a pretty genius idea and a pretty impressive job, little cold though! x

  3. Love all the food pics! And the tee x


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